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A new year and bigger waistline

Feeling a wee bit full, are we? I want to offer a salute of solidarity to all who may have overindulged just a tad during the last few weeks.

I have a sign I hang up every December that reads “Christmas calories don’t count.”

I need one made saying “During the holidays, all nutritional requirements are suspended.” Once a year, we deserve to reward ourselves with a clear conscience.

And after 2021, we all know we have earned it.

A friend recounted the New Year’s Eve menu of dishes each guest brought. A charcuterie board that included M&Ms was the highlight. One guest offered up a vegetable plate.

Everyone gave it a side-eye, like they weren’t entirely sure just what those odd green things were.

I have no problem leaning in to this surfeit of holiday goodies, but this delicious binge wasn’t my idea and I take no responsibility for it.

Everyone I talk to is feeling a bit over-sugared just now. It’s the American way. Most of you only indulge at holiday parties.

My parents threw parties, but my mother used to whip up two types of candy, six different types of cookies, and pies that lasted through the holidays, party or no party. The closest thing to a vegetable served was a cheese dip with salsa in it.

Despite my questionable kitchen skills, I managed to bake four types of cookies and a chocolate mousse.

Along with that, we received gracious gifts of cookies, holiday breads and boxes of See’s candy.

Somehow we managed to polish them all off.

This week, it will be salads and protein, although I plan to introduce these things slowly in small doses. You need to avoid any sudden crashes of blood sugar level.

We don’t want anyone fainting in the kitchen or doubled over from sudden roughage overload.

If you should stumble on a last leftover treat in the corner of the refrigerator, eat it swiftly and without compunction.

You’re just doing a New Year’s cleaning of the fridge, right?

Jean Gillette is a freelance writer who may have some cookie dough stashed in the freezer. Contact her at [email protected].