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Why brain training instead of tutoring?

Having a cognitive skills assessment will shine some light on the way information is processed by your child, academically and in general. You may be surprised to find your child does not hear and process speech quite the same. How confusing it must be for them to figure out what you or their teacher is asking if what is heard doesn’t make sense.

In a test for dichotic listening, for example, two words come in at the same time. One word is processed in the left ear (dog) and a different word in the right ear (thick) and your child hears “thug”. Their brain processes both words and somehow combines them in to a nonsensical word, frustrating and confusing them. Imagine that happening all day long. No wonder he or she comes home from school weary and unwilling to do homework! This is more common than many parents realize, but there is hope for these students, and the Encinitas Learning Rx Center can help.

How do you know what your child is hearing? They will never complain about this phenomenon, because to them it’s normal. They have no idea they are hearing differently than their classmates who seem to breeze through school assignments. They just think they must be dumb, but they are not. Parents who put themselves into their kids’ shoes and actually hear what they are processing are shocked by the realization that they have been disciplining their offspring for lack of work ethic and motivation when in fact it was something the child couldn’t help at all.

The Encinitas Learning Rx Center, or ELC, is a one-on-one brain training center focused on the underlying skills that are critical for learning and performance. Our cognitive enhancement programs pair clients with their own brain trainers for mental workouts that are challenging, enjoyable, and consist of game-like exercises. We help turn processing weaknesses into strengths, with amazing quantifiable results.

“This should be the first stop for all parents whose children are struggling in school,” says director Lynda Detwiller-Newcomb. “The question is, should we invest in building independent learning skills, or just dependency on a tutor to prepare for the next test.” Brain training instills the skills necessary to build confidence to become life-long learners, providing long-term value to the student. With brain-training, tutoring is more effective, and only necessary when a subject requires a small boost to understand.

For more information on brain-training and Encinitas Learning Rx Center, visit us online at or call (760) 624-6886. Even your child’s tutor will be happy you did, and you will rest well knowing you did everything you can to support your child’s learning with brain training that lasts a lifetime.