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When it comes to hair restoration, it’s best to balance those expectations

OCEANSIDE — You’ve made the decision to restore your hair, and you’re excited about the possibilities. Radio and TV ads, even billboards are all promising to return you to the full head of hair you had when you were 20.

But when it comes to hair restoration, don’t let that excitement cloud your expectations.

“We can help you achieve a more youthful look, but you have to be realistic about what’s possible in terms of results,” Dan Wagner, CEO of MyHairTransplantMD said. “If you’re bald, technically there is no way to restore hair density to how it looked in your youth. No matter what anyone else might promise you.”


Wagner has had countless clients walk into his offices, certain that they will be able to walk out with a full head of hair.

“What I tell people is that we don’t create new hair, we merely take available donor hair and redistribute it,” he said. “We can give you a fresh new look, but the results will correlate with the amount of donor hair that is available.” MyHairTransplantMD is known for being up front with their clients, about the price of their procedures as well as about what is truly possible in terms of hair coverage versus hair density.

“Of course our goal is to make our clients happy,” Wagner said. “But we aren’t going to promise them something that nobody could possibly deliver to them.” It comes down to basic science, hair science to be exact. “It’s based on how many follicular units you have,” he said. “Once hair is gone, it’s gone. We are honest with our clients. We tell them we can give them a fresh new look, frame their face. But we aren’t going to tell them that the impossible is possible, as other offices tend to do.” Visit to learn more about hair science as it relates to hair restoration procedures.

Upon your initial consultation at MyHairTransplantMD, your donor area and recipient area will be measured using a proprietary hair restoration template.


“We use donor density and scalp laxity to determine what is possible for a client, based on the area they are looking to restore,” Wagner said. “It’s a balancing act. We take the clients goals and aspirations, and we show them realistically what we can do.”

Another component to hair restoration for clients to consider is that hair loss keeps going, even following a procedure.

“Even though we start the process of transferring donor hair to the new site, hair loss continues until you lose all the hair you are going to lose,” Wagner said.

Anyone considering hair restoration should plan to replace their hair gradually as they continue to lose it, or wait until they have lost all of their hair. “Some clients come in with thinning hair,” Wagner said. “We tell them that just because they do a transplant and add density, they will still continue to lose hair until the process is complete. For some, that is their 50s or 60s and for others it’s earlier.”

Wagner said that the Norwood Scale for hair loss gives a great visual to clients to help them understand their hair loss pattern, which in turn helps them understand what is truly possible. “We offer clients an honest assessment in regard to their desires and what is possible when it comes to natural looking and medically safe hair restoration,” he said.

MyHairTransplantMD is located at 2103 S. El Camino Real, Suite 201 in Oceanside.

For a complete explanation of pricing and procedures offered, or to schedule a free consultation, visit their website at or call the office at (800) 262-2017.


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