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SDCL co-host Maurece Roddy, left, interviews San Diego Botanic Garden CEO Ari Novy during the filming of the pilot episode. Executive produced by six-time Emmy winner Tory E. Garcia, the not-for-profit program delivers on its mission: To promote small businesses and to create unique digital video content for use in businesses’ social media and marketing campaigns. Courtesy photo
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Video magazine to stream first episode

ENCINITAS —  The Coast News Group, Encinitas Charities Consulting Group, and Brainstem Productions announces a new 30-minute monthly video magazine called San Diego Coast Lifestyle that will debut on May 6 at 9 a.m. The new program will feature local small businesses with specialized content about places, things, and events that stand out in the San Diego community. Targeted for the 25 to 49 year old audience, features will include categories like Healthy and Happy (health and wellness), Get Out and Go (unique places and activities), Great Grub (restaurants and food events), and Hidden Treasures (innovative education).

The May 6th episode will feature the Coastal Community Foundation, renowned metal sculpture artist Danny Salzhandler, the Heritage Ranch Museum and the Encinitas Rotary club.

Executive Produced by Tory E. Garcia, a six-time Emmy winner, and hosted by Allison Taylor and Maurece Roddy, the not-for-profit program is designed to promote small businesses and to create unique digital video content for use in local business’ social media and marketing campaigns. BrainStem Productions is bringing the future of digital video content creation directly to business in the San Diego community by embracing the rapid adoption and growth of social media marketing.

Distribution of San Diego Coast Lifestyle will follow current trends across all media with over-the-air ratings or print circulation fast becoming obsolete as businesses and their marketing agencies adopt the technology preferred by consumers to deliver content – streaming.

San Diego Coast Lifestyle’s monthly distribution of each episode will start with streaming live the first Thursday of each month on multiple platforms including You Tube, Vimeo,,, and The day following the first “Streaming date” the episode moves into the Digital Community Affiliate Network (DCAN). For the remainder of the month, a digital link will be shared across all social media platforms for additional viewing. DCAN, a new data distribution network, leverages the acceptance and explosion of consumers engaging in social media.

Local businesses can enroll at no cost with DCAN. Each business can add to the overall reach by sharing digital content through their existing social media networks. This will greatly expand the reach and sharing of digital content. Each week DCAN will publish unique digital content edited from the original video story.

President of the Encinitas Charities Consulting Group, James Merrill, said, “The marriage of creative video production with sophisticated social media marketing is the future of business marketing and sales. Modern consumers want engagement with their favorite businesses and brands.

“This program brings to small businesses in our community the ability to produce high-end, cutting edge digital video content to fill the increasing consumer appetite for creative and engaging digital video. The Digital Community Affiliate network may be the first of its kind to combine business social media outreach activities and exponentially expand viewership and engagement of consumers in our community.”

“For 34 years we’ve brought information and truth to our community through the Coast News,” said Chris Kydd, Associate Publisher at the Coast News Group. “We’ve embraced the digital revolution since the beginning and we are excited to launch San Diego Coast Lifestyle this May.”

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