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This year, TrueCare opened two health centers, in Oceanside and San Marcos, to further its mission of providing access to quality health care, including dental services, regardless of insurance status. Courtesy photo
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TrueCare reflects on year of milestones, compassionate care

As we bid farewell to 2023, we talked to TrueCare, a leading nonprofit community health center in North County, and asked them to reflect on their significant milestones this past year. The regional health center is dedicated to enhancing the health of our diverse communities. 

With a legacy spanning over five decades, TrueCare remains committed to providing health care to all, regardless of insurance or income status. This year, TrueCare expanded its footprint, opening two new health centers designed to enhance accessibility to quality care, and has helped over 63,000 patients and counting. 

Their Mission Mesa campus in Oceanside (2210 Mesa Drive) witnessed a pivotal addition with the establishment of a new pediatric dental center. Complimenting existing pediatric, women’s health, and Women, Infant & Children (WIC) services at the location, the dental clinic’s innovative design caters specifically to children for a fun, low-stress experience. 

Recognizing the challenges faced by families, TrueCare introduced Saturday hours from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. to facilitate convenience access for students and parents.

In San Marcos, TrueCare unveiled a unique clinic tailored for adults aged 50-plus with complex and chronic health conditions. The TrueCare Older Adult Health Center boasts a dedicated team with highly experienced internal medicine physicians who take the time to understand each patient’s health history and work with them to create a personalized wellness plan through longer appointment times.

Michelle D. Gonzalez, President and CEO of TrueCare, notes, “Our Older Adult Health Center helps seniors live better, healthier, and more dignified lives, including maintaining and enriching their emotional and human connections.” 

TrueCare also augmented its specialty care services with acupuncture and podiatry, complementing chiropractic and cardiology. These added service offerings ensure patients receive the care they need. This comprehensive approach directly aligns with TrueCare’s mission to redefine community health by providing whole-person, individualized health care that goes beyond the conventional standards.

“Our patient population faces many hardships, and we want to be their trusted health partner when they need care,” Gonzalez affirms. “We know we must continue to advocate for them and be their ally in the fight for health equity. Community health centers like ours play a crucial role in helping people of all backgrounds access health care.”

TrueCare’s impact transcends traditional medical and dental services, with additional support services and community programs such as mobile services, transportation to and from TrueCare appointments, insurance enrollment assistance, weekly food distributions, and more. 

Through community partnerships, TrueCare extends its reach to vulnerable populations, reinforcing its mission of improving the health status of our communities through advocacy and by delivering exceptional health care that is comprehensive, affordable, and culturally sensitive.

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