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On Sept. 7, the Rancho Santa Fe Association approved an updated trails map for Covenant residents. The RSF trail system consists of 60 miles of trails. Photo by Christina Macone-Greene
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Trails map gets an update

RANCHO SANTA FE — During a Sept. 7 Rancho Santa Fe Association board meeting, the directors approved an updated trails map which required a vote. Representing the Trails and Recreation Committee at the meeting were chair Daniel Bunn and committee member Rochelle Putman.

Bunn explained that the map was updated about 10 years ago. However, five years ago, the committee agreed it was a good time to tackle the project once again. Updating the trails map was no small feat. It required an enormous amount of time and Putman played a role in its completion along with other committee members. 

“The 60-mile trail system has been pieced together over an almost 70-year span as individual property owners granted hundreds of easements to enable the trail system to be built,” she said. “Countless hardworking committee members have worked with homeowners to create new trails and firm up easements where there were missing links.”

In essence, the Rancho Santa Fe trail system consists of 60 miles of trails, and it is compiled with different types of easements. Putman explained that on the map, next to each of the 300 easements that were on file, committee members would have to go through each document and diagram to make certain it was accurate.

Also, part of the updated project was approaching homeowners and obtaining new easements.

“This was the work of many members of the trails committee,” she said.

Putman shared that the trails process continues even today through the efforts of the Trails and Recreation Committee.

Putman also wants people to know that the private trail system is for the enjoyment of Association members and their guests. 

“Having the use of the trail system is one of the benefits of being a member and paying the Association’s annual assessments,” Putman said. “The trails are for horseback riding and pedestrians. Pedestrian use is limited to walkers and runners in groups no larger than four, and pedestrians with pets on a leash.”

Horses always have the right of way and bicycles are never permitted, she said.

Association board President Fred Wasserman commended the Trails and Recreation Committee for a phenomenal job.

“Association members should be appreciative of your efforts,” he said.

An e-blast of the updated map will be sent Covenant residents, and the updated trails map will be available on the Association website.