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I’ve always believed if you’re doing what you love, you’re never working. Courtesy photo
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Thoughts on launching a business

Since first grade I’ve been writing stories, poetry…you name it, I wrote it. It’s made me feel ALIVE!

Furthermore, my first career thoughts were for law school, though forty years in marketing has been a MUCH better fit.

And did I mention I’m a natural networker?

So it’s logical that my newest venture sits at the intersection of writing, marketing, and networking.

Meet Write Away Books, helping to take authors from idea to manuscript to marketplace. It merges my talents with those of Robert Yehling; author, co-author, editor, or ghost-writer of almost 200 books.

WHOOSH! I’m tired just reading that statement.

Robert’s got an impressive track record of getting books published. Other firms tell authors what marketing they should do, but don’t actually do it. My skills enable us to provide better marketing than most authors will do themselves.

Making it official involved a business license and bank account. We needed to brand ourselves with company colors, logo, tagline, letterhead, and business cards…after which we created a website, collateral materials, and social media profile pages.

We then scheduled ourselves as conference speakers, building a PowerPoint and a monthly newsletter. It took 18 months to get organized while managing our existing businesses.

Nevertheless, we’ve hit the ground running, and projects are already in the pipeline. We’re now creating contracts, invoices, and infrastructure while developing partnerships and alliances to expand available services.

Our 65-page business plan has a vibrant marketing strategy that’s slowly being implemented. We want to be able to fulfill any promises we make.

I’ve always believed if you’re doing what you love, you’re never working. I love marketing, writing, and schmoozing. I’m working with clients that I genuinely like, in both my current business and the new one. Every day is a thrilling adventure that I look forward to.

If you’re seeking fresh opportunities, look at your hobbies, skills, and friendships. Whether you’re looking for new ventures or side hustles, consider what makes you happy and see if there are gaps in the marketplace. Opportunities may be closer than you think, but doing it properly is a bit more involved than you realized.

However, if you’re willing to invest the time, energy, and personal treasure, you might be surprised how exciting…and potentially lucrative…fulfilling your dream may prove to be.

With that said, I wish you a week of profitable marketing.

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