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The little known wellness secret: NAD+ Therapy

REGION — San Diego is home to a hidden gem in the health and wellness community that offers residents struggling with chronic illness, fatigue, stress and addiction a powerful tool to relieve pain and withdrawal symptoms. And it is all natural.

This therapy, known as intravenous nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (IV NAD+), has also been shown to eliminate the brain fog that can accompany drug and alcohol dependency for countless patients in recent months. Patients are able to rejuvenate their mind and body as their neurons regenerate, recalling precious memories that were once forgotten, feeling their senses and mind sharpened and re-engaging in activities that they had long-since given up.

“IV NAD+ has been a quiet therapy for decades, but is now gaining significant traction in the healthcare industry this year, and has been highlighted as recently as last week by Dr. David Sinclair at Harvard University,” said Phillip Milgram, MD, Medical Director at the NAD Treatment Center, located in Hillcrest. “NAD+ is a derivative of a common B vitamin known as niacin, which is used by nearly every cell in your body for energy production.

The body is able to produce and recycle enough NAD+ for general health, but as you age, this process becomes less and less efficient. Exposure to drugs, alcohol, environmental toxins and a lack of sleep further exacerbate the decline in NAD+. Sometimes the slow descent of available NAD+ goes unnoticed, but in other cases it presents itself rather quickly and suddenly.”

Rick, a local 59-year-old real estate developer from Hemet, had a motorcycle accident in 1999. Rick was originally prescribed Vicodin for his pain, but like many, soon after became addicted to his opiate painkillers.

Made captive by his addiction, at his worst, Rick was taking up to 60 pills per day. He stopped doing the things he loved to do. “Vicodin took over my life,” he explained. “No matter how much you think you can feed it, you can’t.”

After participating in a 10-day NAD+ therapy session at the NAD Treatment Center, Rick regained focus, his vision improved dramatically and he had renewed faith in life, free from the cage of addiction. “This is the No. 1 best decision I have ever made in my life,” he said.

“Some people say it’s like playing God, but if you asked somebody 100 years ago, what about antibiotics?

They probably would have said the same thing,” said David Sinclair, PhD, professor in the Department of Genetics at HMS, co-director of the Paul F. Glenn Center for the Biology of Aging, and professor at the University of New South Wales School of Medicine in Sydney. “Some people worry about big advances in technology and medicine, but once it’s adapted and it’s natural for people to live until they’re 90 in a healthy way … we’ll look back at today like we did at the times before antibiotics when people died from an infected splinter.”

Luckily for San Diego residents, the NAD Treatment Center is one of only a few certified NAD+ clinics in the country. Dr. Milgram, its medical director, is a certified provider of NAD+, an MD who has been practicing addiction medicine for over 27 years, with three counseling degrees from University of California San Diego in alcohol and drug addiction and received the Certification of CCPS (Certified Prevention Specialist) from the California Board of Alcohol and Addiction Counselors) in 2002. Dr. Milgram stands proudly next to his dedicated team, including Tom Ingoglia, who once was an NAD+ patient himself.

Ingoglia stumbled down a path of chronic fatigue and unrelenting pain resulting in a dependency on opiates. After a devastating family accident, he had almost lost will to live, but decided to give himself one last chance by trying IV NAD+. By his seventh day in therapy, and as the Harvard study recently described last week, Ingoglia began to emerge anew. He emphatically describes how during treatment he, “started to hear music again, the way it had moved me and had meaning for me before I was sick. In this moment, with tears streaming down my cheeks, I was able to see all the vibrant colors around me more vividly.”

His cells began to regenerate as the pain melted away. Since his recovery and this experience of having his senses cleared, Ingoglia has made it his mission to, “help others transcend their conditions to experience life as it is meant to be lived.”

Ingoglia and Dr. Milgram work relentlessly with their team at the NAD Treatment Center to shine a light on the benefits of IV NAD+ therapy. “We are excited because our clinical applications of NAD+, in addition to national research that is constantly uncovering new uses for NAD+, have now opened new alternative therapies to multiple chronic conditions including Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, chronic fatigue, schizophrenia, addiction and mitochondrial diseases.”

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George Spelvin April 20, 2017 at 3:32 pm

All true statements about NAD+. But there is a much better and less expensive way to boost NAD+ levels than to get injections from a treatment center. Google “Niagen” (the trade name) for the orally taken precursor molecule that your body will turn into NAD+ and drastically boost NAD+ levels in deficient individuals regardless of age.

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