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A mock-up design shows what three new Grauer School classrooms will look like once complete. Grauer School officials believe the classrooms are important to the educational institution’s long-term health. Image courtesy of Bill Drysdale
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The Grauer School gets OK for campus rebuild

ENCINITAS — A recently approved rebuild plan will ensure the future of The Grauer School, representatives from the school believe.

The Planning Commission unanimously voted in favor of the school’s revamp proposal in mid-December.

Five modular buildings make up a significant portion of The Grauer School’s campus. As a result of the commission backing, three permanent, two-story classrooms will soon replace those structures.

Before the vote, Stuart Grauer, the school’s founder, said the educational institution plays an important role in North County. Permanent classrooms would cement its reputation, he said.

“Independent education is very important to our communities,” Grauer said.

“We are engaged in acts that improve our community and world, and we want your support,” Grauer later said.

Five other residents also spoke in favor of the proposal. One noted that the new classrooms would solidify the school’s reputation among college recruiters who visit the campus.

And 18 people registered their approval for the project, but didn’t speak.

Located on 4.6 acres along El Camino Real, the school emphasizes individual attention for the middle and high school students who attend.

The proposal’s design calls for clustering different departments together in each of the new buildings. By doing so, the aim is to promote collaboration between different subjects and grades.

While the school will be getting new classrooms, the existing cap of enrolling no more than 150 students will remain.

And the school’s architectural footprint will stay the same. The three permanent classrooms would measure 10,000 square feet and be built on where the five modular buildings are currently located. The classrooms will include new spaces for the English and Math departments, among other subjects.

Other proposed changes include new parking spots, landscaping and site grading for improved stormwater treatment.

The Grauer School plans to break ground on the project in June. The grand opening is scheduled for sometime in 2015.

Fundraising for the project began this past spring and has generated $1.5 million. To complete the rebuild, the school’s goal is to raise an additional $1.25 million.

The Grauer School was approved by the city in 2001. A board of trustees that’s a part of the Grauer Foundation for Education, a public nonprofit corporation, governs the school.