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Teen gets prison sentence for burglaries

An Oceanside teen received prison time Sept. 18 for a series of burglaries and an assault.
Jesus Moreno Jr., a 19-year-old with no prior record, was sentenced to four years in prison for three burglaries and threatening the mother of two of his juvenile accomplices with a handgun last winter. Further, Moreno received two strikes for the residential burglaries. If Moreno picks up a third strike, which are given for serious criminal offenses like residential burglaries, he could be sentenced to life in prison under California law.
Superior Court Judge Michael Kirkman told Moreno that residential burglaries “significantly impact the victims’ ability to ever feel safe in their homes after the burglaries.” The judge said Moreno’s parents were victims of their son’s actions as well.
Jesus Moreno Sr. said his family came to the United States more than a decade ago from Mexico to give his family a better life, but despite his and his wife’s hard work, he doesn’t believe his son understood the opportunity they forged for him. However, he said his son has expressed to him that he is “deeply regretful” for actions.
During a series of three North County house burglaries — Nov. 12, Dec. 20 and Jan. 25 — Moreno stole electronics, stereo equipment and two guns. Then Jan. 31, Moreno threatened the mother of two of his former accomplices who he believed were stealing from him, according to authorities.
Defense attorney Isaac Blumberg said his client “struck out” and because of the incidents may be deported; however, he said one “silver lining” in all of this was the support the young man has from his family.