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Tamarack bathrooms getting overhaul

CARLSBAD —  The restrooms at Carlsbad State Beach near Tamarack Avenue will be closed starting Dec. 29, through the end of January for some long-awaited maintenance and upgrades. Temporary restrooms will be available in the Tamarack Avenue parking lot, and restrooms at the Pine Avenue ramp will remain open, with extended hours, from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. daily.

The work on the restrooms will include fresh paint, an epoxy floor, new fixtures and partitions, an upgraded plumbing and electrical system, and a refurbished roof with new skylights. While the restrooms are being improved, crews will also install new hand railing to replace the corroded rails near the restrooms, as well as a new shower and drinking fountain outside. The restroom’s pump station has already been equipped with a new alarm system that will sound if there’s a spill, to prevent beach contamination.

The restrooms and surrounding area are owned by the California Department of Parks & Recreation, also called State Parks. Since the state does not have the resources to take care of necessary maintenance, the City of Carlsbad is partnering with State Parks to assist with some of these responsibilities. This partnership allowed the city to take over routine maintenance responsibilities for the restrooms and complete the needed maintenance and upgrades, in addition to handling landscaping along the bluffs and sea wall.

“Addressing the restrooms and surrounding area will enhance the experience for beachgoers in Carlsbad,” said Carlsbad Parks Superintendent Kyle Lancaster. “The restroom conditions will be improved, and we’ll put a bench at the shower where people can rest and set down their bag or surfboard. And the fountain will have three levels for adults, children and dogs.”

The projected cost of the maintenance is $93,400.  The contractor for the project is ICS, Inc.

This work is part of Carlsbad’s ongoing goal to improve its coastal areas and make them more attractive and accessible for residents and visitors, which helps support the local economy and improves the quality of life for residents, said Lancaster.