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From the publisher: Don’t forget to vote

When I was a college sophomore I was talked into running for class president. 

I had a campaign manager, had debates in the auditorium, handed out flyers, put up signs, etc.

A Vietnam vet beat me out. He dropped out of school a month later.

The day after the election, I was alone in the large snack bar area on the first floor of the dorm taking down a rather large 50-foot long sign. It took awhile.

As the snack bar started filling up a lot of people approached me saying things like, “How could you possibly lose?” and “You were a shoe-in. Everybody knew you were going to win.”

Then they all said something to the effect that if they knew I could lose, they would have voted.

Even my campaign manager didn’t vote. How bad is that?

So the moral is: Don’t assume anything. Get out and vote!

In the case of this election, I would like you to vote YES on Prop A.

It is almost, if not factually, impossible for the average voter to completely analyze the issues involved with Prop A without taking a ton of time and doing a lot of boring reading. Those opposing the initiative are using confusion and lies to further their cause.

Please keep these facts in mind when you vote:

(1) Prop A was co-authored by a former Encinitas city planner and a land use attorney. These people have absolutely nothing financially to gain by its passage.

(2) Other towns like Escondido have similar initiatives and have had absolutely no problems.

(3) The money being spent to defeat Prop A (and there is a lot of it) comes almost entirely from developer interests. Give me a break — $8,250 from the Chicago-based National Association of Realtors. Do you think these people care about the quality of life in our town?

I am a 28-year Encinitas resident with nothing to gain except helping to save our town from forces that threaten our community character.

Please join me and vote YES on Prop A.

Jim Kydd, Publisher