Plan could save cities money on elections

Plan could save cities money on elections

COAST CITIES — A proposal by county Supervisor Dave Roberts that could save some cities perhaps $100,000 on special elections won’t currently benefit his hometown of Solana Beach, which will pay about $200,000 for a February vote on rules to govern Fletcher Cove Community Center.

Column: Money can’t buy you everything

Out-of-town developers massively overspent Encinitas townsfolk to defeat Prop A, the proposition that basically said you can’t put high density/high-rise residences in our town unless the people approve it.

GOP revival will take big Orange County change

For more than half a century, the Election Night fate of California Republican candidates could be foretold early in the vote count: If a Republican emerged from Orange County with a lead of 250,000 or more votes, he or she would almost always win statewide office.