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Substance abuse treatment focusing on overall mental health

OCEANSIDE — Those seeking treatment who are suffering from substance abuse and mental health often spend time in multiple facilities in their quest for recovery. According to Jacqueline Ortega, CEO of Mindful Rejuvenation, many traditional treatment centers aren’t focusing on the underlying causes of a patient’s addiction. Without determining and treating those issues for each patient and preparing them for life beyond treatment, they often exit programs ill-equipped to maintain recovery and forward with their lives.

Mindful Rejuvenation was born out what Ortega, and her partners, Lily Munroe, LVN, Sanjai Thankachen, MD and Clint Salo Do, saw as a deficit in treatment. “Lily and I, along with our other two partners, worked at numerous treatment centers,” she said. “We continued to see the same things happening, as patients were cycled through the treatment center system with little to no success. We decided to start our own facility, where we could treat as we see fit — true individualized treatment.”

Mindful Rejuvenation looks at the whole person and services are provided based on the needs of that person, so that the addiction and its causes can both be treated. “Addiction is usually the reaction and not the cause,” Ortega said. “So we start by identifying the root of patients’ substance abuse. We also treat pure mental health such as schizoaffective disorder, bipolar disorder, depression, anxiety, PTSD, ADHD, panic disorders, and grief and loss. We provide our patients with tools to cope with what they are feeling and get them ready to function again in society.”

The outpatient facility uses a combination of therapy, holistic approaches and ancillary services in its treatment. Ancillary services provided at Mindful Rejuvenation include music therapy, Qigong, Pilates and NAD treatment among others. Ortega said the response has been overwhelmingly positive. “We believe that there are other methods to maintain sobriety besides a 12-step method,” Ortega said.

Mindful Rejuvenation is a full-service integrated treatment facility. “We have psychiatrists on staff who can evaluate and prescribe,” Ortega said. “We have licensed therapists, registered case managers and offer individual, group and family therapy.” Family interaction is highly encouraged, providing for the family a safe support system for the patient.

Patient programs can vary from 30 to 90 days and possibly longer based on an individual’s treatment plan and transition to an alumni program that includes check-ins. “We foster long-term relationships and value continuity of care,” Ortega said. “Our patients can come back and get help, from speaking to a therapist to career help and more.”

A goal of the team at the facility, since it is in such close proximity to Camp Pendleton, is expanding its work with veterans. “My partner Lily worked in the psychiatric department at the VA for nine years and has great compassion to help veterans,” Ortega said.

Mindful Rejuvenation’s mission is to revitalize client care.

Mindful Rejuvenation is located at 717 Pier View Way in Oceanside.

For more information, call (760) 994-8846 or visit