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Spring Full Moon Poetry Slam returns March 19

ENCINITAS — La Paloma Theatre Full Moon Poets Poetry Slam returns March 19 with the Poets’ Call at 5 p.m. at the theater front door, 471 S. Coast Highway 101.

The Slam starts at 6 p.m.

“Leave your ego at the door” is the advice given to poets entering the upcoming La Paloma Full Moon Poets Poetry Slam, held twice a year at La Paloma Theatre.

Performing spoken word on this historical stage in front of a full house will draw an honest response. It is only for the brave who can handle the critic.

Since the year 2000, poets have dropped their names in the old popcorn bucket hoping to be drawn for the competition lineup.

Up to 17 poets will perform, with the top three going to the last round.

A poetry slam is a competition.

This slam is judged by audience members chosen before the start, who are instructed to judge 1 to 10 on both the craft of the poem and the spoken word performance.

Each poet needs three original poems not to exceed three minutes each.

There are three elimination rounds that lead up to the final round of three poets.

Prize money for first-, second- and third-place is collected from the audience as the popcorn bucket passes through the aisles. Admission is always free to the public and the competing poets.

Other rules are: no costumes, recorded music or props.

Content of the poems is a true free-speech opportunity, so the language and topics can get a little edgy and not appropriate for young children.

Poets under 18 years of age need a signed release form a parent.

Sponsors for the 2016 Winter Slam are: Soulscape, The Coast News, Iced Tea Services of San Diego “the Iced tea Lady,” Engage Encinitas, Biosculptures and Encinitas 101 MainStreet.

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