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Susan Sullivan is a self-proclaimed "spiritual realtor"
Susan "Sully" Sullivan, a columnist and "spiritual realtor," has partnered with Windermere for weekly spirituality podcast. Courtesy photo
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‘Spiritual realtor’ partners with Windermere for weekly mindfulness podcast

REGION — A columnist and self-proclaimed “spiritual realtor” has partnered with one of the largest realtors in the country for a weekly podcast discussing spirituality in the workplace.

Susan “Sully” Sullivan, author of The Coast News column Soul on Fire” and realtor for Windermere Home and Estates, will produce a weekly podcast, “Soul on Fire: Magic Monday.” 

According to Sullivan, the show’s aim is to inspire a more holistic approach in real estate, considering the mind, body, and soul to show that the real estate agents of Windermere, which is home to eight offices and 600 agents across San Diego and Palm Desert, are more than just commissioned salespeople.

In these podcasts, Sullivan said she will explore topics such as abundance, non-competition, devotion, meditation, integrity, ethics, mysticism, intuition, service, creating a spiritual toolkit, and mindfulness, in the context of the real estate industry. 

“All souls are discovering their divine purpose in an abundant world. I help institutions and individuals cultivate cooperation over competition,” Sullivan told The Coast News. “Ultimately, we are here as individuals and organizations, such as Windermere, to experience the joy of life through a new standard of excellence and exemplary service.”

Sullivan says she trademarked Soul on Fire and started to create workshops and classes on bringing spirituality to the workplace “to make the world a better place.” 

“Windermere is striving to instill these same approaches into the brokerage by training in the holistic method they provide the agents,” Sullivan said. “My goal is to inspire the agents and to put them in a healthy well-balanced mind space to be the most effective and professional versions of themselves at work, at home and in the communities they serve.”

The podcast releases every Monday and is currently in its 12th week. The show can be found on Sullivan’s Facebook page and The show will soon expand onto the streaming platform, Spotify.

April Wilhelm, Director of Marketing at Windermere Home and Estates, explains how the partnership began.

“We approached Sully to bring a spiritual segment to the agents on Monday mornings, live-streamed on our Facebook Page to reset and renew the mindset for the week and inspire agents, staff and our community,” Wilhelm said. “This is a part of our new ethos to inspire agents to become holistic in their approach to doing real estate – body, mind, and soul — not just commissioned salespeople.”

“We encourage, here at Windermere Homes & Estates, building deeper levels of relationships with our agents,” she adds. “Creating this partnership with Sully was a no-brainer as she is a well-thought-of leader in our offices and agent community. I personally feel this is something incredibly new and exciting we are doing as a company.”

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