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Soul On Fire: The resurrection of Harmony Grove

Offering unique historical significance for the county of San Diego, the Harmony Grove Spiritualist Center will be celebrating 123 years of existence by the time this article appears. I spoke to one of the Centers Ordained Spiritualist Ministers, Elivia Melody, for some history and background.

Founded in 1896, flocks of seekers first came here in horse and wagon to camp at this 13-acre spiritual meeting ground and retreat. Surrounded by lush oak trees and boulders a few miles west of Escondido and bordered by the Escondido Creek, Native American Indians also gathered in this highly charged energetic space for their pow wows. Built on top of another well-known power center, or vortex, the Harmony Grove Chapel is a place for solace, comfort, and closure.
People learned to move on and heal after the death of a loved one by consulting with mediums. This type of spiritualism hit the nation by storm in the 1800s. Mediums and spiritual healers were sought far and wide who could communicate with the dead, to comfort those whose loved ones had “crossed over.”

Hard hit by the Cocos fire in 2014, Harmony Grove was badly damaged and most of the buildings and the residences were destroyed. What remains is the Healing Temple, Fellowship Hall, Meditation Gardens, some cabins, and the Séance room. Séance room you say? Yes. The Grove was created to further the teaching of spiritualism as a religion, philosophy and science. It is said that even Abraham Lincoln installed a séance room in the White House after he and his wife lost a beloved son. Death has always intrigued mankind and answers from the other side have been sought since time began.

The main tenets of the Harmony Grove Spiritualist philosophy affirm life after death; that it is a fact. The law of Karma; that it is the responsibility of every individual to create their own happiness as they obey the laws of nature. That there is a doorway to forgiveness here and in the hereafter; and it is always open to anyone. The Golden Rule; do unto others. Infinite intelligence; that God exists in nature and spirit and everyone and everything is an expression of infinite intelligence. They proclaim a oneness of God and that all life and every living thing is part of the one. Are you seeing a connection in all of my articles? In all basic spiritual beliefs? Many paths. One spirit.

It can be said that the birth of Science of Mind, Unity, Christian Science, and other new thought practices move through the ancient spiritualist philosophies. The message that divine healing can be attained and is proven through mediumship. That your beliefs create your reality. That each of us has the power in us to heal and heal others and that there are no limitations but those we place on ourselves.

The story of the Tower of Babel describes a time when everyone in the world understood one language. Could it be a time when everyone was telepathic? Back in the day, it was normal to “know.” There was no division. That time seems to be coming back as empaths worldwide are waking up to this knowing. We are moving out of a 3D understanding and moving into higher dimensions. Out of spoken language into the unspoken language of energy.

“We all have the gifts of Spirit discussed in 1 Corinthians 12, says Melody. To speak, to heal, to write, to live and share the gifts.”
If you’ve been curious about your spiritual path and have had some tugging in the direction of the ancient spiritualists, go check out Historic Harmony Grove. They have a psychic fair every first Sunday of the month. this month there will be a flag raising, crystal class, tarot overview and some self-healing tips with tapping and oils. Support is needed to rebuild this spiritual community that is literally emerging from the fire like a phoenix rising.
We are continuing the quest around the corner from Harmony Grove to check out the mysteries of Questhaven in our next column.