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Tina Fitzgerald is the owner of CommuniTea in Oceanside, which offers Kundalini classes and workshops. Courtesy photo
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Soul on Fire: Kundalini studio comes to Oceanside

With the dawning of the Age of Aquarius comes a higher frequency recently measured on the planet. The earth’s magnetic field has a set of resonant frequencies that scientists theorize could affect human behavior.

Kundalini is the latent cosmic energy inherent in every living being. The Prana, the life-force, and the primal power within that can be equated with electricity.

As we ascend on the path toward enlightenment, this ancient practice will undoubtedly come across the seeker’s path of awareness.

Just as a radio station needs a frequency to pick up a channel, students of Kundalini can choose to tune into a positive higher frequency that leads to health and healing.

Kundalini practice harnessed with the body’s energy and consciously used with knowledge of earth and planetary occurrences, like the upcoming and not to be missed Great Convergence on the Solstice, can be powerful and heady stuff.

Tapping into that energy through mudras and breathwork and gentle postures that enhance the rise of vitality in the body creates a positive lifestyle. CommuniTea in Oceanside offers the resources to help you “allow the radiance of your soul to shine in every facet of life.”

Tina Fitzgerald, the unique studio owner, offers various classes and workshops on this life force energy that lays dormant at the spine’s base.

With a series of movements and breathing techniques to bring about a “Kundalini Awakening,” energies rise from the base of the spine upward through the Chakras. A euphoric feeling and power or primal force begins to develop and can occur in the practitioner.

One realizes and becomes aware that we are all one energy.

This former international businesswoman was strung out on overworking and fast-paced travel through time zones with her hustle until her whole adrenal system broke down.

She became very physically and mentally ill. It became apparent that if she didn’t change something drastically, life would not be worth living.

Aligning with ancient healing practices and immersing herself entirely to her inner callings, slowly, her awakening began to occur.

Her physical and mental healing began as her Kundalini practice deepened. Intensifying her study meant delving into the mystic. She became inspired by a spiritual teacher on the path who encouraged her to “get high on her own supply” of energy sleeping in her.

She went all in. Abandoning her high-profile job, she visited India, trekking the Himalayas, visiting Tibetian monasteries, and studying the art of the practice by gurus proficient in this ancient modality. 

She has brought this consciousness level to Oceanside, and it is a real gift.

“There seemed to be a void between Orange County and Encinitas for Kundalini practice.  I felt a vortex as well as a calling to open a healing center and studio with a tea shop in my hometown,” said Fitzgerald.

Many well-known and revolutionary masters and modern-day gurus on the Kundalini circuit have visited and approved the Vista Way site, where CommuniTea commands a corner on a well-traveled boulevard.

A unique type of yoga therapy developed at CommuniTea and has been dubbed “Kundinyasana” by Fitzgerald or Ardas Taran, her spiritual name. It combines Kundalini with Hatha Vinyasinas.

“It’s not that kind of yoga” is a tag line used to help the newcomer understand that what is needed to attend these types of offerings is not expensive leggings and the ability to pretzel oneself upside down.

If you are looking to find inner peace and calm, dynamically connect with your body, and come out feeling…well, enlightened, check out the vast array of classes and workshops at I know I have only scratched the surface as there is so much more to learn.

I do know this. You have a treasure within that holds the elements of happiness, fulfillment, acceptance, and love.

You are a Soul on Fire, and once you know the pure bliss of your Being through this practice, all external happiness becomes meaningless.

After the year we have had, some Kundalini can help us gather the needed energy to move toward what’s next. “Healing happens here” is the slogan of Communitea. Sounds like a great place to start.

Happy holidays! May your Christmas be bright.

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