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A Gaden Shartse Monastery monk doing Medicine Buddha empowerment. Photo courtesy Andy Laub
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Soul on Fire: California Institute for Human Science advancing body, mind, soul connection

Taking residence quietly for the past 20 years in the Encinitas business hub off El Camino Real is the California Institute for Human Science (CIHS) Graduate School and Research Center. Founded with the mission, principles and objectives of Dr. Hiroshi Motoyama, CIHS seeks to promote a society that enhances the integration of science, religion and spirituality. Creating a culture more scientifically advanced and more spiritually aware seems pretty logical since the energy in and around Encinitas is the perfect birthing place for such an establishment.

What this means is that the medical community is finally catching up with the advancements made in reconciling the alignment with eastern science; what energy healers and yogis have known for centuries — that there is a definite connection when treating ailments in mind, body and spirit. When combining advanced technologies with ancient practices, a quantum leap in the protocol can occur in treatment.

Because of the efforts and brainpower of some of the planet’s most advanced thinkers and healers gathering as a collective at CIHS, a spiritual home is being brought forward to the academic field. The advancements of cognitive therapy educating and training experienced licensed health professionals such as therapists, psychologists, life coaches, bodyworkers, energy healers and alternative medical doctors in new advancements are paramount to CIHS. Providing cutting-edge scientifically backed research that proves using subtle or spiritual energy to treat the body or mind of the patient positively is just one example.

Employing spiritual practices rather than taking a pill to change the physiological makeup of an individual is a preferred method to most and avoids side effects and addiction.

The institute is supplying medical practitioners with many of the new tools available in the various healing arts field to advance this union with the physical connection of modalities by gathering scientific evidence that provides a natural approach to well-being. For example, we have hopefully gotten to a point in ourselves that seeking professional help from a mental health therapist is not only acceptable but is embraced by society. When specific circumstances are triggering issues that affect our individual human happiness and wellbeing, the help available now has advanced to methods beyond lying on a couch, replaying the same story in a significant part to the continuing education open to practitioners at the Institute. Students and practitioners that come out of CIHS have added health modalities such as pranic healing or a non-physical healing approach to their toolbox, providing a shift in the collective health of our communities and society and can actually move us toward a culture of peace and harmony.

When the medical community combines the unity of all phenomena available on the esoteric as well as physical plane, the visible reality of space and time, energy and matter, meeting the invisible spiritual plane, the patient can be healed spiritually as well as physically and mentally. The result is the interconnectedness of our body, mind, and spirit. The added benefit is the positive out-picturing in our surroundings and our perceptions of the world at large. Could a weekly sound bath bring about world peace?

We now have scientific evidence that supports the theory that gathering for group sound healings as a community can shift the collective consciousness of those who attend. This uplifting in thought creates harmonious, connected feelings — causing a physical connection energetically and in some cases, can be felt in the heart and transferred to another heart or soul. Blood pressure counts have been shown to lower, endorphins are created naturally, and elevated moods are attributed to sound as well as listening to classical music and poetry. All but lost in today’s modern culture of cell phones and technology that seems to be taking over our lives and minds.

Devices that can measure the meridian systems, ancient traditional Chinese medicine that has proven that energy flows through these energy systems, as well as the chakra system, and the electrical currents that flow through a human skin can be measured, as well as the subtle energy of the body. Why this is important and what is coming down the pipeline in many quantitative studies that show the efficacy to the medical community that merges eastern and western medicine in diagnosis is undoubtedly an exciting prospect with the current pharmaceutical addictions proliferating our culture as mutually inspiring partnerships with the medical community are developed striving to serve the needs of the population. 

The old paradigms are dissolving as we move into a new consciousness that embraces whole being and whole mind, including the spiritual side of all perceived medical situations by accessing states of wellness without the use of traditional medical assessments through radiation, compression or drugs. The future is looking bright over at CIHS as this higher education is bringing about greater wellness in body mind and soul, and consciousness studies are the new norm when treating physical ailments.

As you continue the quest for enlightenment here in North County, check out CIHS, where the public is invited to participate in complimentary Healing Circles by various health practitioners the first Wednesday of each month from 7 to 9 p.m. Zen meditation practices are also offered every Friday from 7 to 8:30 p.m.

Get acquainted with some of these compassionate, non-physical healing modalities and step into a valuable monthly community that will keep your Soul on Fire.