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Joe Clarke helps clients turn their dreams into reality. Courtesy photo
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Get unstuck and onto the path of flourishing!

Are you feeling stuck?

Does it feel like you’re in a rut? Like you’re going in circles?

Does it feel like the days, weeks, months, and years keep passing by, but you’re not getting any closer to true fulfillment?

If this is how you feel, Joe Clarke wants to work with you. Joe wants to help you get unstuck and onto the path of discovery, healing, growth, and flourishing. Joe wants to help you live the amazing life that you know deep-down is possible.

Imagine waking up in the morning feeling more excited about your day. Imagine being more engaging, pleasant, and playful with your loved ones. Imagine having more energy and passion to devote to your favorite hobbies and pursuits. Imagine feeling a greater sense of possibility and wonder. 

Imagine living your life with a deeper sense of purpose.

Joe helps clients turn their dreams into reality. What sets Joe apart is that Joe works on the spiritual level. Joe has been undergoing a spiritual awakening since 2010, when he had a guardian angel visitation while battling leukemiaIn 2021, Joe left a career in law to pursue his calling as a spiritual teacher and guide. By addressing your issues on the spiritual level, Joe helps you deal with the root causes of your difficulties.

Joe’s clients rave about their experience. Mary A. describes Joe as “naturally gifted” and a “true healer.” Marcela A. had been carrying heavy emotional pain in her shoulders; she describes the “powerful experience” of feeling “so much lighter” after just one healing session with Joe. Marianne C. describes Joe as a “talented teacher whose humor and humility enhance and illuminate the sources of wisdom he has to share.” Eugenia C. describes Joe as embodying an “authentic ray of light,” and she described her session with Joe as an “extraordinary and awe-inspiring experience.”

Email Joe today to schedule your free consultation over Zoom. Let Joe show you how you can get unstuck and onto the path of flourishing. 

Reach Joe at: [email protected]. Learn more at:

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