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: Carlsbad’s Rachel Grayner, 35, who goes by Kali Ren, has been on a hunger strike for three weeks at Carlsbad State Beach until SeaWorld releases its orcas. Photo by Steve Puterski
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Shaman’s hunger strike targets SeaWorld, Hollywood

CARLSBAD — For the past three weeks one shaman is fulfilling her drive to free captive orcas.

Rachel Grayner, 35, who goes by Kali Ren, is a Hermetic Kabbalist who began her quest on the shores of Carlsbad State Beach to fight until SeaWorld releases all orcas they have in captivity — either into the wild or by transferring them to seaside sanctuaries.

She began the strike on Jan. 17 and is also calling out Hollywood elites. Ren, 35, said the hypocrisy from celebrities is another motivating factor. She used to be the personal assistant to the late actress Brittany Murphy.

Rachel Grayner

“I’ve always had a really deep connection with the orcas,” Ren explained.

Ren was raised in Carlsbad and attended La Costa Canyon High School. She then graduated from Otis College of Art and Design and began her path as a shaman.

In 2013, CNN released “Blackfish,” a critically acclaimed documentary about the conditions and treatment of orcas at SeaWorld.

The film moved Ren, who as a child had season passes to SeaWorld, leading her to become more proactive for social change, especially with the environment and animals.

“I was painstakingly shook up,” she said after viewing the movie. “To me, the orcas are probably the most important species on the planet. If we can take care of them the right way, then we can get through this kind of apocalyptic atmosphere, the greed, the delusion and the collusion.”

Her job is in the background and in the past three weeks she has lost six to seven pounds. She said she is strong physically and mentally, despite not eating for three weeks.

Her routine consists of walking five to 10 miles per day, with periodic trips to get coffee.

“The deeper you go into the shaman world, you begin to see things really clearly,” Ren said. “To sustain the level of magic or mastery, you really have to walk your talk. Otherwise, you are just a fake.”

Another aspect, she said, is taking action with all the actions happening to the planet and people not taking responsibility for the consequences. Admittedly, though, it’s a long shot SeaWorld releases all the orcas, which is another reason she is attempting to leverage Hollywood star power.

She would allow for those celebrities to provide nutrition, thus creating a larger social awareness campaign.

“Really, this was a plan to get them to start using their power to push this forward,” Ren said. “They’ve really made lackluster attempts. These people … make miracles happen and they can’t find a way to get together and free these orcas? There not really standing up for anything.”


SaveWhales February 11, 2019 at 7:40 pm

Such an important cause.

FreeWilly February 10, 2019 at 10:02 am

Not to be disrespectful, but reads like satire. Thanks for the belly laugh.

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