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Saturday dump runs

DEL MAR — Before incorporation there was an independent rubbish collector who was reliable and only charged a pittance for his service.
Nevertheless Joe Rafferty and Ken Reiley did their own hauling Saturday afternoons. They enlisted a neighbor whose name is not important. He had a small pickup truck that was in mint condition but sometimes needed pushing to save running down the battery. It was no problem getting to the dump located in the vicinity of what is now a golf course and residential area in Solbeach.
The return trip home mandated a stop at the Blue Bird pool hall in Eden Gardens to quaff a few cervezas. Snacks included fresh tasty tortillas that Ramona Rincon had just rolled. There were no televised football games but you could always hear them on radio at the bar. The housemates would have preferred the rubbish being picked up but then there wouldn’t be anything for the men to do on Saturday afternoons.