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Kenneth Markstein will succeed Fred Wasserman as president of the Rancho Santa Fe Association board. Photo by Christina Macone-Greene
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RSFA board selects its new officers

The Rancho Santa Fe Association took care of internal matters at its monthly board meeting July 5 by electing its new officers. Its newest board member, Sharon Ruhnau, was present as was re-elected Mike Gallagher.

Before the election of officers, Vice President Kenneth Markstein recognized outgoing President Fred Wasserman for his dedication and hard work over the last three years.

Markstein said he lived in the Covenant for the past 30 years, and to his recollection, he could not remember a time when a board was able to achieve so much as it had done in the past three years. He credited these many accomplishments because of Wasserman’s leadership.

“I want to thank Fred for his dedication and commitment,” Markstein said.

He went on to say that during Wasserman’s three-year term, his wife, Pam, attended every board meeting. Markstein also thanked her for her commitment and support.

Last month, ballots were tallied revealing that Gallagher and Ruhnau secured seats on the board. From 1,131 votes (with six votes being invalid), Gallagher received 863 and Ruhnau had 731. The total count for Wasserman was 459.

Wasserman served one term as board president.

Board directors Janet Danola and Gallagher elected Markstein as board president. No more nominations were tossed into the ring, and Markstein accepted.

Markstein then nominated director Allen Finkelson as vice president. Danola made a second motion, and Finkelson accepted the position.

Danola agreed to serve another term as treasurer.

“Janet, thank you for continuing on as treasurer — you’ve done a great job,” Markstein said.

Committee liaison appointments were also covered. Steve Dunn will serve in the capacity of the Rancho Santa Fe Golf appointment, Gallagher for the Rancho Santa Fe Tennis Club and Ruhnau for the Osuna Ranch and Trails Committee.

One more change that occurred during the July 5 meeting was a unanimous vote to suspend the charter for the Governance Committee. The board of directors approved this charter in 2015.

Governance Committee members held the task of reviewing Protective Covenant Rules and Regulations, Bylaws and Articles. 

Finkelson explained that while the charter will be suspended, it will remain in place so it can be reactivated in the future if needed.