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Reverse mortgage: To age in place or purchase new home

We’ve all heard about reverse mortgage loans.  They receive plenty of media coverage – most of us have seen them advertised, with famous and well-respected actors touting the potential benefits.  

But few of us fully understand what a reverse mortgage is (or what it isn’t), what the pros and the cons are, or how this type of loan can be incorporated into our financial and estate plans.  

Our monthly Senior Living Education Series will present a program exploring the facts and realities about these often complicated, sometimes controversial, loans.  

Here are some frequently asked questions (“FAQ’s”):

• What exactly is a reverse mortgage, and who qualifies?

• What are the costs associated with reverse mortgages?

• Can a reverse mortgage be used to purchase a home? How?

• What happens to my house if I move or pass away?

• Who pays the taxes and insurance?

• How is it possible to have a mortgage, and no monthly payments?

Our panel of experts will address these questions and more.  

They’ll help us sift through the myths and rumors, and offer insights on how, or if, a reverse mortgage might help you.  

As a senior (62+), you have a lot of options, and concrete facts and information are your best tools.  

This program is for educational and informational purposes only (no sales).  

It’s free of charge, and anyone interested is welcome to attend.  

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