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Reflections on leaving office

As I look back on my tenure I see a body of work that reflects my core values…honesty, social equity, environmental sustainability and fiscal responsibility.

During the first six years, as a minority member, I could only offer a different perspective and act from my values. One example is bringing attention and change to how closed sessions were handled. In the role of mayor I found it important to create a professional and respectful tone at the meetings. I sought to treat everyone fairly, allow them to express their opinions, encourage discussion but not tolerate bullying.

Throughout my eight years on the council, I always tried to find and encourage individuals and groups that demonstrated their commitment to our community.

Through formal mayoral proclamations, an annual review of the City’s accomplishments, or informal words of advice, I have helped strengthen the civic foundation that makes Encinitas so special.

I want to thank my colleagues, because while we didn’t always succeed we proved you can disagree without being disagreeable and set a good example for future councils to follow.

I am proud of my efforts to restore civility, celebrate the diversity of our community, enact stronger environmental policies, support economic vitality, champion our vibrant arts community and support meaningful community outreach while also focusing on the future.

Thank you for your encouragement and support. Encinitas is a special place and I was honored to serve the community.

Teresa Arballo Barth,