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This column will focus on the consciousness shift needed to help the environment regain balance. Stock photo
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Rebranding as minister of Spiritual Sustainability

Where have I been? Life gets life-y sometimes, and when actual Jesus asks to have a come-to-Jesus, you sit up and pay attention. As it turned out, I couldn’t bring myself to sell houses in the Hunger Games arena.

I started a new career after 40 years in real estate to go into the solar and sustainability industry.

I also abandoned the ministry after dedicating 10 years to my spiritual growth to become a reverend. I realized that I am not a guru and chose not to follow any.

Self-discovery is a beautiful thing, and I learned the time is now to be the change I want to see in the world. Anything else is just bypass.

That’s where I’ve been, but Spirit nudged me back to Soul on Fire to share my findings within the sustainability genre.

God’s got me working on a new ministry.

I’m the Minister of Spiritual Sustainability!

I will now cover this critical and timely subject, along with the consciousness shift needed to help the environment regain balance in our ecosystems for the next generations. A balance in our human society to use, regenerate, maintain, and support — not destroy — so that all creatures can use and enjoy the sacred life we have been gifted.

As it turns out, a Golden Thread of Spirituality connects to sustainability. Go figure. I want to continue the column by looking for the helpers with their souls on fire.

The radical collaborators and those who know they are planting trees they will never sit under. People who are passionate about leaving the planet just a little better by having been here. Those who pursue global environmental sustainability for society, economic viability, environmental protection and social equity — and do not compromise their integrity or ethics.

Spiritual sustainability connects us with the Golden Thread of compassion for one another and all living beings on our planet. It gives meaning to our sacredness and responsibility as a species to retain resilience and reciprocity.

When you have sustainability consciousness, you become part of a society that uses ecosystems in a way that they not be destroyed and allows them to regenerate by the choices you make, the shopping you do, what you eat, what companies you support and how you vote to affect ecological preservation.

The funny thing is (is it odd or God?), most of the writing I did about people in our community for the column to date were following their soul’s calling in their place in our community and were already a part of Spiritual Sustainability. You see, it’s a natural byproduct of being centered spiritually.

I hope the column inspires the readership to understand our roles and how we are all connected.

Together with our small part, we can make strides to reverse many of the negative socioeconomic impacts global climate change brings to our planet Earth.

There is no Planet B, after all.

Susan “Sully” Sullivan is a longtime area local, Green Realtor, Solarpreneur and Sustainability Minister. She will never be fully enlightened, but she considers herself spiritual.