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Ranch resident releases fourth children’s book

Adrienne Falzon releases her fourth children’s book, “It’s Not Fair!,” teaching people of all ages that upsets can turn into positives. Photo by Christina Macone-Greene)
Adrienne Falzon releases her fourth children’s book, “It’s Not Fair!,” teaching people of all ages that upsets can turn into positives. Photo by Christina Macone-Greene)

RANCHO SANTA FE — Managing how to overcome challenges tossed your way is the lesson taught in Adrienne Falzon’s newest children’s book titled, “It’s Not Fair!” Falzon, who lives in Rancho Santa Fe, said the book’s message is something readers of all ages can relate to.

“I am really excited about this book because I think those three words, ‘It’s not fair,’ has probably been said by everyone at some point in their lives,” she said. “It starts from when you have that age of reasoning. I dedicated this book to all the people who have said, “It’s not fair.’”

The main character in Falzon’s fourth children’s book is Frankie, a young baseball player in elementary school. He thought he was safe when he reached home base but was called out by the umpire — it was a championship game and a massive upset to the school and Frankie.

On the bus ride back home after the game, Frankie starts thinking about all the other things happening in his life that aren’t fair. The very next day at school, Frankie faces more “unfair happenings” at the cafeteria. Patiently waiting his turn in line, a group of kids cut in and by the time Frankie gets to the food the chili dogs are gone.

And that’s the tipping point for Frankie.

Everything bubbles up to the surface, and Frankie breaks down until his guidance counselor talks him through things.

“The counselor starts telling Frankie that sometimes you just have to let it go — because if you don’t, whatever is happening is going to take away your peace,” Falzon said. She added, “You can make lemonade out of lemons. In other words, somehow life does have a way of evening the score — it does work out.”

It’s all a part of life.

Over the years, Falzon learned that the sooner she realized that “life isn’t fair,” the easier time she had moving forward. If too much concentration is put on all the unfair circumstances that happen, people run the risk of missing out on the fair things.

“If we go through life constantly saying ‘it’s not fair’ then we become what I call a victim,” she said. “But really, it’s those unfair moments that can become opportunities to get us stronger. Don’t let those unfair circumstances get us down but instead use them when we deal with those bumps in the road.”

Falzon described the illustrator for her newest book, Debbie Waldorf Johnson, as fabulous. The characters came to life with vibrant colors and great facial expressions, she said.
She also credits her family, and her husband, Manny, for their continued support in the world of writing.

“Manny is one of my biggest supporters — he’s always there to encourage me in every way,” she said.

With the recent release of “It’s Not Fair!,” Falzon is appearing at various book readings and signings including The Rancho Santa Fe Library on Nov. 27, and holiday shopping events at The Santaluz Club on Dec. 1, and The Inn at Rancho Santa Fe on Dec. 7. During mid-December, Falzon will be making a beeline to Vero Beach, Florida, for a book tour and radio show with Rhett Palmer.

Falzon will also have an area dedicated to her books at the Hibiscus Children’s Center in Florida where sale proceeds will go to help support its programs.
Books by Falzon can be purchased on Amazon and

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Margaret Reynolds December 11, 2018 at 6:18 am

A book with more meaning than we can ever know.

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