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Protecting our community plan

On July 5, our Del Mar City Council gave unanimous approval for the Initiative entitled: “Voter Approval for Certain Development Projects,” to be placed on the November General Election Ballot for voter approval.

This approval was the culmination of the efforts led by Arnold Wiesel, the Del Mar Hillside Community Association and the grass-roots efforts of many of our Del Mar residents. To accomplish this task, 284 resident signatures were required but over 500 were collected by resident volunteers.

What does this Initiative do:  It allows our Del Mar citizens to have the final say in changes to our Community Plan involving Commercial Zone properties of 25,000 square feet or larger.

For example, if a developer wants to change the zoning to create a Specific Plan where the allowed density, height of buildings, floor area ratio and lot coverage are changed or modified, the development plan must be submitted to the voters before final approval can be granted.

Why is this Initiative important to Del Mar residents:  Our Community Plan defines what we want our community to be; it serves to protect our quality of life now and into the future.

It cannot be taken for granted and major changes should not be able to be made by only three city council members.

For example, if a developer wants to change a North Commercial Zone property to 48 homes where only one home is now allowed, where sacred Torrey Pines will be cut down and natural bluffs will be destroyed, where very little natural open space is preserved and the height of homes exceed the existing zoning code, that plan would have to be approved by the voters.

As citizens of Del Mar, we are all in this together and we should do everything possible to protect our Community Plan.

On Election Day, Nov. 8, the following ballot question will be asked of you by the city of Del Mar:

“Shall the ordinance which proposes to amend the Del Mar Community Plan, Housing Element, and Municipal Code to require voter approval for certain development projects be adopted?”

We must provide the answer: YES or NO

I urge you to vote YES!

Hershell Price is a Del Mar resident.