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Police search school after report of subject carrying a gun

CARLSBAD – A police helicopter and patrol officers searched for a man who was allegedly seen waving a gun on the street in front of La Costa Canyon High School Wednesday, but that subject was never located and officers left the area an hour after the 10:37 a.m. call came in to the Carlsbad Police Department.“We had a report that someone spotted somebody on the streets around the school, carrying a handgun,” said Jodee Sasway, spokeswoman for the Carlsbad Police Department.

“They reported it to the school, the school checked; they reported it to us, we checked; we called out ASTREA (Aerial Support to Regional Enforcement Agencies), they checked and we did not find anyone matching that description carrying a handgun,” she said.

Police searched for a white male and white female, both about 18 years old, which were seen walking westbound on Camino De Los Coaches, in front of the school on 1 Maverick Way.

She said the male was described as about 5 feet 10 inches and 150 pounds, wearing baggy blue jeans.

The female was described as having brown, shoulder length hair.

“A parent volunteer called as she was leaving campus and let my front office know that she suspected something of a couple in the area,” said Kyle Ruggles, principal of the high school.

Several city workers said they saw the two subjects walking down the street they were working at on Camino De Los Coaches, but none of them saw the male show a gun.

Someone had witnessed the couple kissing at one point, before the call was made, one of the workers said, and that they didn’t seem suspicious at all, as they just walked casually down the street.

Sasway said the caller reported that there was no sign of force or fear between the subjects in question, but the department must take all calls serious, she said.

The call came just one day after a deadly school shooting in Ohio claimed the lives of three teenagers when a classmate fired a gun at his peers.

Carlsbad made national headlines during October 2010 when alleged gunman Brendan O’Rourke hopped the fence at Kelly Elementary School and fired six rounds into a crowded schoolyard at lunchtime, resulting in arm injures to two girls.

“Students and staff take it seriously. We need to be cautious and alert at any minute,” Ruggles said.

He said that he planned to send parents a recorded phone message to inform them of the incident that was reported and let them know that everything was OK.

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Vista Family Dentist March 1, 2012 at 9:28 pm

I feel like these are increasing, and it’s pretty alarming. I hope they can come up with a fool proof security plan that would deter tragic situations to happen again.

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