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Plans for Park Villas at El Corazon Park in need of some tweaking

OCEANSIDE — Plans for a mixed-use live work development within El Corazon Park will be heard by the City Council in March.

The Planning Commission heard from Shopoff Land Fund and the Sudberry Development representatives on the Park Villas project in January.

City planning consultant Bill Ramsey said the six commissioners present shared mixed reviews on the project and zoning change. He added the majority of commissioners raised concerns that the development deviated from the El Corazon specific plan.

Proposed changes would include 80 single-family townhouses, 54 of which would have home offices on the ground floor. The townhouses would be located in the center of the 19-acre project site. Additional live work units would face the streets on both sides of the townhouses.

The specific plan called for all 300 units to be mixed-use, with living spaces limited to the second floor or above.

“The majority expressed concern that the design of the project was not consistent with the vertical mixed-use concept,” Ramsey said.

Ramsey said city staff would continue to meet with the applicant and strongly advise them to make tweaks to the plans to address advice given by the Planning Commission and future direction provided by city council in March.

“We’ll work strongly to encourage and motivate them to modify the design to address concerns of city council,” Ramsey said.

He added the ball is in the applicant’s court on what changes are made, and how quickly the project moves forward with environmental impact studies following the March workshop.

To date the applicant has proceeded slowly and steadily. The project was initially submitted to the city in October 2013. The city replied within a month with a 13-page letter, which the applicant responded to eight months later. Ramsey said the third submission was received two weeks ago.

He said if plans begin to move forward quickly, environmental impact reports could be completed in three months, and the project could start a public review process by the end of the year.