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Pedestrian Scramble
A rendering depicting all-way pedestrian crossings on Coast Highway 101 in Encinitas. Courtesy photo

‘Pedestrian Scramble’ crosswalks installed in Encinitas

ENCINITAS — A pair of all-way pedestrian crossings (called Pedestrian Scramble) have been installed at D Street and E Street on Highway 101. The six-way crosswalks are intended to create a more pedestrian-friendly crossing experience.

They will eliminate the need for pedestrians to enter the street along with vehicular traffic. Pedestrians will have their own exclusive phase of traffic stopped to allow crossing.

Planners determined the pedestrian signal timing is extended to allow enough time for a comfortable, safe crossing in any direction, including diagonally. In addition, traffic signal timing for the two intersections was adjusted to prevent vehicle traffic from being stopped at both intersections, consecutively, improving the flow of traffic along Coast Highway 101.

The signal timing will be revisited and adjusted according to the volume of vehicular and pedestrian traffic soon after implementation.

New signage, crosswalk striping, pedestrian countdown signals and pedestrian pushbuttons were added to complete the upgrades at these intersections. This project was vetted through the city’s Traffic and Public Safety Commission and supported with funding by the City Council.

The new intersection improvements support the city’s goal to encourage mode shift and improve safety for all modes of transportation. Contact the City of Encinitas for additional information.