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SD Mature Moves can help keep the prospect of moving from being intimidating. Courtesy photo
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Overwhelmed with S-T-U-F-F?

You’ve made the decision to downsize.  You know it’s right for you, your family is supportive and encouraging, and so…you stand in the spare room, the closet, or the garage, looking around at all these things you love (and some you don’t) and suddenly you’re overwhelmed.  The idea of figuring out what to keep, and what to do with the stuff you don’t, is daunting. You can’t imagine where you’ll even begin. 

So many of us have more stuff than we truly need or even want, let alone know what to do with when we decide to start sorting through it. Unsurprisingly, this seems to be especially true of folks who have lived in their homes over 5 years, or 25+ years. 

Here are a few questions to ask yourself as you begin the process. 

What are your immediate plans? 

Are you planning a move, and if so, will you be moving in the near future?  Or, do you merely want to simplify a bit, declutter and streamline the space you’re already in? 

What part of the project feels most overwhelming to you? 

What in the world will you do with all the extra “stuff”?  What are your options?  Where do you start?

The whole prospect in intimidating… but we can help.  We’ve been through this process ourselves, we’ve helped our own parents as they’ve gone through it, and we’ve helped numerous clients.  Because of our experiences, we’ve developed a real passion for helping people who feel overwhelmed by projects like this.  As Certified Senior Housing Specialists, we’re uniquely qualified to walk with you as you wade into this formidable (in so many ways) project.

Let us help you kick off the new year and help you achieve your goals. Our free seminar, “Downsizing Made Easy: 5 Steps for a Successful Move or To Simplify Your Life” is created just for seniors and/or those with seniors they love and wish to help and support. 

Simplifying your life should leave you refreshed and renewed. 

Overjoyed, not overwhelmed.  Designed to help seniors make informed, effective decisions during this transition, our Senior Living Education Series will help you and your loved ones navigate the process.

This free seminar is hosted by SD Mature Moves, Christie Kramer-LeVander and Ric Levander are Certified Senior Downsizing Coaches™  and Certified Senior Housing Professionals™. This will be the first seminar of a 12-month series.  We hope to see you there!


Downsizing Made Easy:

5 Steps for a Successful Move or to Simplify Your Life

Thurs., Jan. 12, 2023


Encinitas Senior/Community Center

1140 Oakcrest Park Drive, Room 118, Encinitas

Register at

or call 760.502.7372