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O’side park plans getting off the ground

An update on the much-anticipated El Corazon Park project was shared at the Sept. 17 City Council meeting. “After decades of just talk about what we’re going to be doing with the pit out at El Corazon, we finally have a workable draft plan to get something built out there,” Tyrone Matthews, El Corazon oversight committee chair, said.
An overview of El Corazon land use and design guidelines was shared by Matthews that included recreational use, open space preservation, and revenue generating development of hotels, shopping and tournament quality fields.
With the design phase completed, Matthews recommended that a citizen-based oversight committee be formed for the implementation phase of the project. Matthews said the oversight committee would solicit grants for development and ensure that planning is consistent with the vision.
Councilman Jerry Kern questioned the need for an oversight committee to continue. “I don’t think we need another layer
of government,” Kern said. “The specific plan is going to be very detailed.”
City Manager Peter Weiss said that any implementation will go through the development process, with Planning Commission action and possibly City Council action. The process would include OKs for roads, sewer, water and electricity access.
While development is on the horizon, public access to the trails area will begin very soon according to Weiss.
A project Environmental Impact Report was released Sept. 18, and the next update on EL Corazon will be brought to council in April.