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Organic mattresses offer clean and healthy sleep

You’ve probably tried to buy organic food, beauty products, even clothing — but what about your bed or your living room sofa?

The Futon Shop has been in business for more than 40 years, and CEO and founder Suzanne Diamond says the company prides itself on using eco-friendly and organic ingredients to create healthy non-toxic furniture for all.

“Organic ingredients that are non-toxic in your furniture offer you clean and healthy sleep,” Diamond said. “Non-organic mattress and sofa materials include flame retardants, VOC as well as other petrochemical environmental pollutants that stay in your body and create disease.”

It isn’t just organic mattresses The Futon Shop makes either. “We offer natural furniture including sofas, toppers, futons, platform beds, pillows, dog beds and even crib mattresses.” Diamond said. “We also specialize in chemical-free boat cushions, and handcrafting custom-size cushions for indoor or outdoor furniture. And of course, we specialize in futons.”

The Futon Shop does all the manufacturing and distribution from their workshop in San Francisco, which enables them to offer the highest quality at the best prices. “We buy cotton and wool from farmers,” Diamond said. “We manufacture our products with the best micro-coils, organic and natural Dunlop latex, and fabrics from all around the world. We combine these ingredients to produce comfortable and affordable chemical-free, natural and organic furniture.”

The Futon Shop is also excited about the launch of a new, 100 percent organic latex mattress called The Moonlight. “There are four layers, each 2 inches thick and you can choose how firm or soft each of the layers is. It’s completely customizable.”

The Futon Shop has locations in San Marcos at 1232 Los Vallecitos Blvd., #118 and in La Jolla at 7470 Girard Ave. For more information and to see the full line of products available, visit or call (800) 44-futon (38866) for a store near you.