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The Futon Shop’s products are 100% organic and natural, are handmade in the USA and use all recycled materials. Courtesy photo
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‘Sit and sleep in your home — naturally’

Picture lying in a field, enveloped by a warm, summer breeze, the touch of silken flower petals gently brushing against your cheek, and the soothing patter of a mild, rhythmic creek.

These are natural things.

Furniture can also be natural, when made with the right ingredients.

Natural Home by The Futon Shop located in the heart of San Marcos at 1232 Los Vallecitos Boulevard, uses all the right ingredients.

“Although, it’s the little store that could, it has everything you need to sit and sleep in your home, naturally,” The Futon Shop CEO Suzy Diamond said.

The Futon Shop’s products are 100% organic and natural, are handmade in the USA and use all recycled materials.

From mattresses to bedding, pillows to futons, The Futon Shop is the definitive destination for all your sustainable home needs.

While supplies last, The Futon Shop has an 80% off sale on all floor models, with a wide variety of clearance items, including futon mattresses, mattresses, sofas, futon frames, futon covers, bedding and pillows.

With dedicated homage creations such as Japanese-influenced furniture, yoga props and accessories, Cariloha bamboo bedding and Tatami mats, we celebrate and embrace all walks of life.

Exclusive online and in-store offers of 12 months, no interest, with affordable monthly payments is also available.

Furniture and bedding by The Futon Shop are crafted without glue, fire retardants, petro-chemicals or any other synthetic ingredients.

“We bring nature indoors,” Diamond said.

Petro-chemicals used in most furniture manufacturing could lead to allergic reactions and skin irritation.

That’s why The Futon Shop chooses to create furniture and bedding made from only natural ingredients, while keeping health and safety in mind.

Sustainable materials are the cornerstone of a sustainable home. The materials used are natural and non-toxic, promoting better health for both you and the planet.

Eco-friendly decor as gifts for family and friends is another good way to spread health and longevity, especially with the rise of sustainable living and eco-consciousness.

The practice of natural furniture making using organic ingredients dates back to antiquity, with ancient furniture made from many different materials, including reeds, wood, stone, metals, straws and ivory.

If a natural approach to furniture making was good enough for Cleopatra and the pharaohs of Egypt, it is good enough for your home.

“Very comfy, easy to clean, stain resistant. I couldn’t be happier with this…,” said Sonja Morgan of “The Real Housewives of New York.”

The Futon Shop prides itself in belonging to a tradition of furniture making that is as old as civilization.

The Futon Shop has also been showcased in many major media outlets such as NBC News, MSN, Yahoo finance, Red Carpet Green Dress and FashionUnited, with a list of satisfied customers.

Indoor/outdoor Futon cover, Taupe:

“This thing is really well made and beautiful. Easy to keep clean and long lasting material. can’t go wrong with their workmanship. slipped on easily too,” review by John M. on March 16, 2024.

Futon cover:

“Very good quality. Very happy with the product,” review by Sigi H. on March 16, 2024.

Organic cotton mattress protector:

“Love the material. Beautifully made,” review by Lisa B. on March 14, 2024.

Experience the true sense of touch by sinking into nature with 100% organically made, handcrafted furniture.

All your natural shopping, delivery and local-store pickup needs can be found at

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