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Opinion: Proposition B is bad for senior citizens

By Sharon Price

Proposition B is bad for seniors, and completely incompatible and destructively intrusive for the existing community.

Please Vote No on B.

— No need has been documented for this project.  Developer’s plan is obviously not any charity project as it charges min $6,000/mo and up.  Actually not Solana Beach oriented as it is offered to any senior from anywhere in the world who pays — not in any way limited to and no special deals for any Solana Beach senior residents. 

— Suggest it is in fact a very big deal as a radical zoning change for the developer to make instant value for this property.  And make no mistake, the zoning does not limit the use to only senior facility- can be used for wide range of things. 

A vast unknown. It is playing on our real and understandable senior/family fears about senior care to try to establish some sympathetic need to get us to vote to destroy traditional zoning.  This is not right.

— No proof offered of any exceptional need for this particular facility or of any big aging population living in Solana Beach.

In fact,  there are plentiful existing assisted living and memory care facilities in SB and convenient surrounding locations which can and do offer more kindly and better options AND without totally destroying existing zoning, creating huge traffic impacts, and trashing this long established residential rural neighborhood. 

In addition, this project features the nasty business model using the eviction process whenever a resident cannot meet the project’s performance and health standards.

— Project would create new and unacceptable traffic on existing narrow and winding residential streets.  The traffic impact report admits to 100’s and 100’s of new vehicle trips. 

Our existing narrow and winding roads cannot handle this.  Just imagine these large delivery trucks, vans, cars and EMT emergency trips foisted on existing narrow (some 17′ wide), winding, old and purely residential roads.  Destroys the character of the residential neighborhood and its strict zoning, is unsafe, and if this is built there is no alternative or fix.

— Wrong for, and completely incompatible with, the existing well established residential neighborhood. 

Foists into a single family, residential, 1/2 acre minimum zone, agricultural designator allowing 2 horse per lot–traditional neighborhood that has always conformed to its zoning. 

Right into it now comes this proposed massive 3 acre 100 bed plus densely populated, traffic, and labor intensive facility (prepares and serves 2100 meals per week, 24/7 workers, 3 shifts daily, fully staffed janitorial, maid, maintenance, worker, visitors, commercial and vendor suppliers, trash removal, administration, professionals of all kinds, service providers, etc).

And again, no guarantee at all that the zoning change will ultimately result in any senior facility.

— Too big, too instrusive, too dense, too completely incompatible and destructive of existing neighborhood.

— No real and direct monetary benefit for SB-the money is made by an out of state owner/operator, and commercial vendors and suppliers not local merchants, and workers not at all limited to SB residents.

— Hurts property values and tax revenues for all of us.  Any claimed property tax increase this facility might bring, will be well offset by the greater harm it will cause by its negative impact on all property values in the surrounding existing residential community and the consequential seriously lowered tax base and revenues such diminution in values will cause.  

SB cannot realistically make up this difference and the consequential harm it will cause.

— Wrong location and wrong project for our seniors:  Do you really want mom living right up against the 5 freeway with the obvious bad air, noise, designed light diminution, nowhere to safely walk off site, etc.?

— Ok, but its not in my backyard?  Please consider if we enter upon radically trashing zoning laws like this, it sets a precedent.  Then, it can happen anywhere in SB.  Want this thing coming next to you?


Sharon Price, Solana Beach