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Observations from the Edge

As an opinion editorialist, my job description includes commenting on current events as they relate to the residents of San Diego County. As an environmental journalist, I tend to focus on ecological stewardship issues. During elections I focus on “Green” politics.
This Nov. 4 will be no different. Historic by any measure, this election will begin a new era in Southern California politics. I encourage everyone to vote with environmental stewardship in mind.
Business as usual is no longer an option.
Because change is in the air, a new direction must be taken if our quality of life is to be preserved in the face of economic meltdown, climate change and population pressures. I encourage voters to be the agents of change they need.
Thinking globally while acting locally has never been more important. Who “we the people” elect to office on Tuesday will speak to our priorities and set the course for the next decade.
At the top of the change ticket is Sen. Barack Obama. Calm, cool and collected, an Obama presidency is the best bet to undo the chaos and incompetence associated with the administration of George. W. Bush. A Barack Obama presidency would also signal a renewed respect for reason and restraint, as well as science-based environmental policy.
Of course there are some things we don’t know about the junior senator from Illinois, but what I do know is Sen. Obama is endorsed by Al Gore, Robert Kennedy Jr., The Sierra Club and the League of Conservation Voters.
Democrat Nick Liebham is the change candidate challenging the ethically corrupt Brian Bilbray for the 50th Congressional District. A prosecuting attorney by profession, who better to represent the people of coastal North San Diego County. From my numerous conversations with Nick Liebham, I find him to be highly preferable in terms of his willingness to listen to the environmental concerns of his constituents.
Seeking a seat on the Oceanside City Council, Chuck Lowery, a fiscal conservative, brings with him endorsements from the Sierra Club and the League of Conservation Voters. An Oceanside native and successful business owner, Chuck Lowery is by far the most impressive candidate running for office in Oceanside.
The candidate of change in Carlsbad is Thomas K. Arnold. The only candidate talking about environmental sustainability and open space acquisition and preservation, Arnold is the environmental choice for Carlsbad. Thomas K. Arnold, the only candidate not compromised by the status quo, would be a wise addition to the Carlsbad City Council.
In this time of change, new voices offering new perspectives is what is needed most. Diversity of opinion is a good thing and should be encouraged in the process of governance. Environmental stewardship and community-oriented leadership are needed as well.
On Nov. 4, I encourage everyone who hasn’t already voted to cast their votes for what comes next.
I vote for change. Will You?