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Now I won't shut up.
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Now I won’t shut up

I’m presenting at conferences again these days, so I’m paying closer attention to orators at a range of events.

For example, right now I’m watching a speaker carrying on about who knows what. Sans microphone, I can’t hear a word he’s saying. In fact, it’s easier to hear the ambient noise from outside.

For two years I’ve been speaking via Zoom to Rotary clubs and the like. But speaking to a group in person is an entirely different experience from doing it virtually. In-person you get real-time reactions. You know when jokes land properly.

With Zoom, things tend to fall flat.

This may sound weird, but I enjoy public speaking. I know my material and am good at bantering with audience members.

Now that I’m promoting marketing services for authors, I’ve been attending writers’ conferences to prospect for business.

In daily life, I’ve found 98% of a given room typically feels they could write a book, though only 2% actually do anything about it.

Reaching that targeted audience needs a scalpel, rather than a cannon. Providing free writing advice ensures I’m focusing on qualified buyers.

You may not realize it, but when you speak before a crowd you’re assumed to be an expert before you even open your mouth.

And because most people are scared stiff at the idea of public speaking, anyone willing to do it is automatically breathing rarified air.

Regardless of what you sell, you can find lots of business if you speak at appropriate conferences or other rooms with the right audience.

To make it work for you, plan to:

  • Stick closely to time constraints imposed by event organizers.
  • Speak to the audience level. Don’t talk down or over their heads.
  • Leave adequate time for Q&A.
  • Make yourself available for one-on-one discussions with audience members.
  • Offer something free (newsletters, checklists, etc.)
  • Follow up immediately and stay in touch.

Your objective’s simple; feed customers into your own sales funnel.  Recognize that everyone won’t get through your filter of price, geography, or needed services.

However, being the expert who’s willingly dispensing free advice and resource materials, you should soon have more clients flocking to you than you can handle.

Meaning as you make customer dreams a reality, you’ll be doing the same for yourself.

With that said, I wish you a week of profitable marketing.

Get me speaking at your event.