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Dramatic reductions in the prevalence of dementia could be achieved if more people underwent testing and initiated a preventive program long before any symptoms appeared. Courtesy photo
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North County Natural Medicine helps individuals dealing with dementia

Alzheimer’s disease is the sixth leading cause of death in the United States, with over 5.8 million people currently suffering.  This number is expected to increase to over 13 million by 2050.  In a majority of cases, the outlook is bleak.  Most doctors treat Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia as a ticking clock, a countdown that cannot be reversed.  A unique medical clinic in Encinitas has a different approach.

North County Natural Medicine is a medical facility created by Dr. Heather Sandison that specializes in viewing health and wellness from a holistic viewpoint. 

Their approach is a lifestyle-based, all-encompassing system of therapy that focuses on every aspect of personal health.  One of their specialties is neuro-therapy pertaining to people suffering from Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia, using the concepts developed by Dr. Dale Bredesen, an expert in the field and mentor to Dr. Sandison. 

Dr. Bredesen has spent decades studying and writing about Alzheimer’s.  In his New York Times Best Selling book “The End of Alzheimer’s,” he describes his theory on cognitive treatment and prevention when dealing with the disease. “There are steps we can all take now to prevent the cognitive decline that experts have long believed to be unavoidable and irreversible.  Dramatic reductions in the prevalence of dementia could be achieved if more people underwent testing and initiated a preventive program long before any symptoms appeared.” 

There is also hope for those already suffering. In Dr. Bredesen’s latest book “The End of Alzheimer’s Program” he describes the steps Dr. Sandison guides her patients through at North County Natural Medicine.

Treating Alzheimer’s and other cognitive delays is not a one-answer solution or something a single drug can fix. It requires studying how all components of one’s life effects the brain. “Nutrients, toxins, blood flow, genetics, posture, stress levels, infections – all of these play a role in cognitive function,” she said. Dr. Sandison’s work with patients experiencing cognitive decline involves taking all of this information and more, and figuring out not just the “what” of a patient’s condition but also the “why.” Once she has identified the pieces of the puzzle a personalized treatment plan can be implemented.

At its core, the plaques and tangles found in the brains of those suffering with Alzheimer’s are the result of imbalance in the body. When we can determine what is driving the imbalance and remove it the brain has a chance of healing.  “I choose to do this challenging work because I believe in the immense value of the wisdom of our elders. They have so much to offer. We need them engaged in our families, neighborhoods and larger communities,” says Dr. Sandison.

The staff at North County Natural Medicine are both highly qualified and compassionate toward patients. What really separates them from staff at other facilities is a positive attitude toward treatment and recovery.  Dr. Sandison explains part of their mission.  “Our staff expects our patients to get better.   Instead of showing up to a clinic where everyone is expecting you to decline, our expectation is that symptoms will at least stop progressing and, in some cases, completely resolve.”  The results speak for themselves. 

Call North County Natural Medicine today at (760) 385-8683 or email [email protected] learn more about what they have to offer.