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Mind over tummy

‘A safer way to look and feel years younger’

Would you like to have a flatter low tummy? Would you like to look more beautiful and take your workouts to the next level without spending hours in the gym?

Have you ‘literally’ lost control of your bladder?

Do you experience back, knee or hip pain? After working as a fitness and pilates professional for the last 30 years I thought I knew “everything” about the core.

Then I met Dr. Theresa Nesbitt. A Chicago based OBGYN turned Wellness Doctor, Family Health Coach, and Author.

After mentoring privately with her for the last 5 years, I realized that my experience as fitness trainer was just scratching the surface of core function.

My head was spinning when she said, “The true core you can not train; you facilitate.”

“We train the unconscious movement.

“It’s like an inner corset, we just have to allow it to start working again.”

The ‘inner corset’ is responsible for a flatter tummy, stronger bladder, more balance and increased sexuality as it regulates all your systems.

When you were just a baby your arms and legs didn’t have strength. The ‘inner corset’ is what enabled you to hold up your heavy head. From that foundation, we gained mobility, continence and we started walking.

Injury and childbirth impair the inner corset, forcing the outer core to compensate leading to many misdiagnosed symptoms.

This trademarked system uses guided imagery and awareness techniques that literally strengthen the inner core which includes the ‘innermost’ layer of the pelvicfloor.

“It’s not about kegels,” movements are even more subtle making them seem almost “magical” and suitable for those with chronic pain.

These workshops are tailored for women under age 65, but anyone can benefit.

The next workshop is April 12 in Carlsbad $30. Space is limited. For more information call (858) 829-1669 or visit

Also available : Pilates Reformer Training, Speaker at your ‘Ladies Event’ and In-Home workshops.