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Michelle Gable speaks at RSF Library Guild author event


A resident of Cardiff-by-the-Sea and a San Diego native, Gable is best known for her two novels “A Paris Apartment,” and “I’ll See You in Paris.” On May 24 at the Rancho Santa Fe Golf Club, Gable presented her newest work titled “The Book of Summer.”

Gable thanked the crowd for their warm welcome while adding that the RSF Library was her childhood library.

“We were only allowed to check out 10 books, and then two days later, I would go back and get a new 10 books,” Gable said. “I drove my mother crazy with constantly having to go to the library. I don’t think you can be a writer unless you’re a reader first, so it definitely was the start of my career.”

Gable went on to say that she had happy memories of the library.

Michelle Gable

“So this is a tremendous honor for me,” she said.

Gable then shared about the early years of her writing life and her publishing struggles.

When Gable was 10 years old, her father gave her a book called, “Someday You’ll Write.”

“They (her parents) could see in me that I liked to write, that this was something I liked to do, and from that time on, I wrote all the time,” she said. “I wrote and I wrote, and I don’t know that I really had a purpose other than I just liked to do it. I wrote all through middle school and high school.”

Gable shared that her friends in middle school and high school would often complain that at play dates she would encourage them to do story groups when all they wanted to do was prank the boys. After graduating from Torrey Pines, Gable attended the College of William and Mary in Williamsburg, Virginia.

“I majored in accounting because that’s what writers do,” she quipped.

Gable was still drawn to her passion and took many writing classes in school. However, she knew it was the accounting degree that would pay the bills, and she suspected her parents weren’t going to support a struggling author’s lifestyle, she said.

After her graduation, she went to work, but she still continued to write. After she married and lived for some time in Washington, D.C., she moved back to the West Coast with her husband. On her 31st birthday, she decided to move forward and find a literary agent after she perfected a manuscript, which took an additional two years.

Her agent was unable to sell that manuscript along with the subsequent ones.

Things changed when Gable’s agent sent her an article about a 90-year-old woman who had passed away. Her family was unaware she had an apartment located in the South of France.

“She had locked it up 70 years before and never returned,” she said. “And then they (the family) opened it up, and it was filled to the quarter rafters with unimaginable treasures, artwork and furniture. My agent saw this and said, ‘You know, I think you can do something with this.’”

It was this that ultimately morphed into Gable’s first novel, “A Paris Apartment,” which released in April 2014 and became a bestseller. The book came out a few weeks before Gable turned 40.

Those attending the event said they enjoyed Gable’s talk and the opportunity to meet with her for the book signing that followed.

Author luncheon events hosted by the RSF Library Guild are in partnership with Warwick’s to help raise funds for the guild. For more information about guild membership or upcoming events, visit or call (858) 756-4780.