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Don’t delay, vote today

By Christy Whalen
Covenant Administrator and RSFA Assistant Manager

The Rancho Santa Fe Association is nearing the end of its 2017 election, and we are urging our members to vote as soon as possible. This year we have a couple of items on the ballot: the Board of Director election and proposed amendments to the RSF Association Bylaws.

We have two gentlemen running as candidates for the board of directors — Steve Dunn and Rick Sapp. There are two spots that will come open on the board on July 1, so the election is uncontested. Unfortunately, an uncontested election means fewer members than normal are voting. We have a quorum that needs to be met in order to render the election valid. The quorum requirement will be lowered in this latest round of bylaw changes, but we need a valid election in order to address the current high quorum requirement.

At last count, the Inspector of Elections has reported that we still need ballots from about 40 households to reach the quorum requirement. Without a quorum, the election is invalid. One or more elections will need to be held until the quorum is reached costing the Association — and its members — staff time, printing costs, postage and resources.

It is every member’s privilege and duty to vote on important Association and community issues. Please vote! We are encouraging all members to find their ballots, complete them and turn them in ASAP. Members may mail their ballots or deliver them to the Association office by 5:00 pm on Monday, June 12.