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Chuze Fitness Encinitas
Chuze Fitness in Encinitas is focused on helping you set new habits. Members enjoy access to luxury amenities at a much lower price point than at other gyms. Courtesy photo
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Luxury gym amenities at an affordable price

Chuze Fitness Encinitas offers the same amenities found at luxury gyms for a ridiculously lower price. Affordability is something that Chuze Encinitas owner Rob Seiler Jr. has prioritized since he first opened the gym. “People have been underserved and overcharged for too long,” Seiler said.

Members can enjoy high quality and clean facilities, state-of-the-art machines and equipment, a turf area, wwwww led by seasoned instructors, non-judgmental staff, spa amenities and more without having to spend hundreds of dollars like they would at any other luxury gym.

In other words, members don’t have to be wealthy to experience all the luxurious amenities at Chuze Encinitas, something that the gym and its owner are passionate about.

“The passion is giving people the best we can give them for the lowest price,” Seiler said. “It’s great working in a business where you’re helping people to improve their lives.”

At Chuze Encinitas members don’t have to pay sky-high prices to work out on well-oiled and clean machines.  The gym includes state-of-the-art and highly sanitized treadmills, a rowing machine, ellipticals, and more equipment that can help maximize its members’ workout routines.

Members also have access to the gym’s beautiful fitness room and classes led by experienced instructors who want to make the most out of group fitness. Most luxury gyms would be charging exorbitant prices for access to highly-trained instructors.

Meanwhile, Chuze Encinitas offers those same classes taught by the same level of experienced instructors at a far more affordable price.

The gym’s turf training area also offers members access to thrilling exercises with agility ladders, pylo boxes, TRX straps, heavy balls, battle rope and more to help get those endorphins pumping.

In the spa area, Chuze Encinitas members can use the gym’s HydroMassage equipment to achieve temporary relief for minor aches and pains, relieve  muscle soreness and tension, increase circulation in targeted areas of the body, reduce stress  and anxiety, and enhance their overall feeling of wellbeing and deep relaxation. HydroMassage is a technique that uses water pressure to help alleviate muscle and soft tissue injuries caused by lower back pain, arthritis, chronic and acute pain, sports injuries and more.

The spa’s infrared sauna uses infrared lamps to warm the body directly rather than heating the surrounding air like in a traditional sauna. Chuze Encinitas members can enjoy benefits like better sleep, relaxation, body detoxification, weight loss, sore muscle relief, joint pain relief, clear and tighter skin and improved circulation with the infrared sauna.

Chuze Encinitas also has Therabody products like the Theragun Pro and Wave Roller. Normally members could expect to pay a lot more money for these amenities at a luxury gym, but Chuze Encinitas offers these products and more at a far lower price.

Members can earn points through the gym’s rewards program by taking classes, referring a friend or even tweeting about Chuze Fitness. Those points can later be redeemed on retail gift cards, tech accessories, paid membership dues and more.

To top it all off, members are greeted by some of the friendliest, non-judgmental staff out there when they walk through the Chuze Encinitas doors.

New members of Chuze Encinitas can start their free, seven-day trial of luxurious gym amenities today.

Chuze Encinitas is located at 455 Sante Fe Drive next to Vons. For more info or to start your free trial call (858) 727-1197 or visit