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The new Richard Walker’s Pancake House in the new Square at Bressi Ranch includes the line “diminutive is not on the menu.” Photo courtesy @swellsphoto
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Lick the Plate: Go big or go home at Richard Walker’s Pancake House

When I was notified of the new Richard Walker’s Pancake House opening in the new Square at Bressi Ranch and it included the line “diminutive is not on the menu” I had a feeling that this was a go big or stay home type of place. Sure enough, my brunch experience there took care of my appetite for the rest of the day and included two healthy portions of leftovers.

Richard Walker’s Pancake House is a third-generation family restaurant with five locations: three in San Diego County and two in Illinois. In 1948, the family restaurant legacy began when Victor and Everett Walker started operating snack shops in the Chicago area. The Walker name has since become synonymous with quality family dining. Richard Walker Sr. and Richard Walker Jr. are carrying on the family legacy, expanding across San Diego County. Each location of Richard Walker’s Pancake House still gives that welcoming family feel, even in the middle of a brand new shopping center development. The family likes to support the communities it serves and does so by donating a portion of revenue to community events, neighborhood cleanups and local youth groups.  They are 100% family-owned, family-funded, and family-operated business which translates into them expanding at their own pace, into neighborhoods that suit their style. Richard Walker Sr. and Richard Walker Jr. are both San Diego residents.

Guests dine on the patio at Richard Walker’s Pancake House in the new Square at Bressi Ranch. Photo courtesy @swellsphoto

Carlsbad is the third San Diego location and fifth overall and the 1,700 square-foot eatery includes a spacious, pet-friendly outdoor dining space that adds an additional 700 square feet.  They were looking for the ideal North County location and the Bressi Ranch was a perfect fit being surrounded by family centric neighborhoods. The new location also shares a shopping center with Sprouts and BevMo! and will be joined by Mendocino Farms and Bird Rock Coffee Roasters, among others. So go to Richard Walker’s for breakfast or lunch then get some shopping done at some of these fine establishments.

As far as the food goes trust me, you will not leave hungry. Richard Walker’s Pancake House serves award-winning, fresh and hearty breakfast and lunch items made from-scratch daily. Gourmet oven-baked pancakes, omelettes, crepes and waffles are big sellers. Other highlights include silky, sumptuous Fresh French Strawberry Crepes; the famous Baked Apple Pancake with fresh Granny Smith apples; the delicious strawberry waffle and piping hot soufflé-style baked omelettes. Another good thing is Richard Walker’s Prime Roasted Coffee, sourced from Central America exclusively for the Walker family. How many restaurants can say that?

I tried the Danish Harvest which is a unique, quiche-like oven baked delight and very hearty. It’s filled with fresh broccoli, onion, tomato, mushrooms and topped with Havarti cheese from Denmark.  I’m a big BLT fan so I had to try Richie’s BLT served with thick sliced bacon and of course lettuce and tomato stacked between thick Texas bread and served with crispy hash browns and a pickle.

My favorite was actually the Mediterranean Omelette with cheese, fresh spinach, tomatoes, onions, oregano and Kalamata olives rolled with gourmet feta cheese. I made a breakfast sandwich out of this the next morning that was as good as hot out of the oven.

The German Pancake seems to be a popular choice and is an example of the heaping portions. They actually describe it as a “gargantuan bowl-shaped – filling baked pancake” that is served with butter, lemon and powdered sugar to make your own lemony syrup.

Eggs Benedict is represented in several varieties along with  a nice selection of crepes and eggs done just about any way you want them.  That sweet apply aroma you get a whiff of when entering the restaurant likely came from one of their baked pancakes that are baked to order and they state that up front so be prepared for 10-20 minutes of building your appetite…that will be rewarded.

I should note that there are several options that do not entail going big.  I would have been perfectly content with the Chopped Greek Salad with romaine, tomatoes, onions, olives, feta and garlic cheese croutons and tossed with a light Greek vinaigrette dressing and a dash of oregano.

Richard Walker’s Pancake House Bressi Ranch is open everyday from 6:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. For more information on its menu and new location visit


Top: Richard Walker’s Pancake House in the new Square at Bressi Ranch includes the line “diminutive is not on the menu.” Believe it. Photo courtesy @swellsphoto