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Letters to the Editor: Oct. 5, 2012

Rocky is ready for the job 

I just watched the KOCT program where the 76 Assembly District Candidates were interviewed. Rocky Chavez was right on with his answers and was specific with his ideas on how to fix California.

Sherry Hodges did not answer the questions and was not able to think on her feet. She is clearly not ready for prime time, let alone State Assembly. At one point she actually said that she can communicate with Democrats because she has four children, so she knows that you have to talk differently to them.

I can’t imagine any Democrat seeing that show would vote for her. She also waffled on her “no tax pledge” so Republican’s won’t vote for her. Rocky is ready for the job. She is not. Watch for yourself at Click “On Demand” then Journalist Roundtable.

Thank you,

Grace Michaels,



Are you kidding me?

I cannot believe that reducing Camino Del Mar to one lane in each direction is going to reduce traffic. It is implausible that the expert traffic engineers are correct in their report. Maybe the traffic count studies are at inappropriate times and the data is flawed. Maybe their assumptions about the volume of eastbound and westbound traffic and pedestrian crossings (or something else) are erroneous and lead to flawed conclusions.

I have sat in traffic on northbound 101 where two lanes of traffic are reduced to one and trying to get through the signal at Carmel Valley Road — the wait can be as long as 45 minutes. I saw what happened when the City Council experimented with reducing southbound Camino Del Mar to one lane a few years ago. We all know we already have a problem with spillover traffic onto residential streets. It is inexcusable to make it worse. Vote No on Proposition J. Or at least, act grown up enough to stop stealing the yard signs urging a No vote.

Don Ellis

ACE Properties Inc

General Partner, ACE Investment Enterprises

E.L. Pacific Properties,

Del Mar


No more Terry Johnson

Terry Johnson wants us to believe that he did a wonderful job as our past Mayor/Councilmember. Well if you were not here during those years, here is a little insight into Mr. Johnson’s reign over our parks and beaches.

In 1997-98 Mr. Johnson was part of the council of five that wanted to pave our sandy beach at Oceanside Harbor. Yeah that beautiful beach in Oceanside — the only Oceanside beach with sand.

Johnson wanted to give our Parkland at the pier to developer Doug Manchester. He wanted to give Manchester our Community Center, Amphitheater and public parking for a private resort. But the Coastal Commission said no, and protected our precious beach and parkland.

The buck did not stop there.

Manchester also wanted El Corazon parkland for a golf course/resort and again Mr. Johnson opened his arms and our wallet to Manchester. That fiasco cost our City $2.2 million to pay off Manchester so he wouldn’t sue. Oceanside has had enough of Terry Johnson’s leadership. We do not want him back.

Carolyn Krammer, Citizens for the Preservation of Parks & Beaches



Asking for openness

I’ve devised questions for Encinitas City Council Candidates to better understand their positions, learn from their answers, and determine if they’re aware of the issues, open, involved and responsive to public concerns.

To date, I’ve emailed two sets of questions; I’ll be sending the final set in one week. Candidate Barbara Yost has answered all the questions, setting an example of leadership and courage. Being open does take courage! Candidates are asking the electorate to place our trust in them; surely, we can ask them to participate so that we can evaluate their integrity, intelligence and accountability.

I sent only the first set of questions to incumbent Jerome Stocks. He has declined to answer any questions. Although I immediately answered the queries he emailed back to me, Stocks then disingenuously and inexplicably stated: “Based on your lack of transparency, lack of answers to my questions, and lack of public noticing or registered standing, I decline to participate in your survey.”

I’ve informed all candidates that I’m a member of Encinitas and Leucadia Neighbors, neighborhood grassroots groups, and also a member of the Encinitas Taxpayers Association. This survey’s purpose is also to share answers with citizens’ groups and local media, so we can better assess the candidates.

I ask questions not for self-aggrandizement, but so that the candidates, by answering, have an opportunity to shine!

Lynn Marr,