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Letter: Dropping the dam ball

Dear Editor,

The city of San Diego’s recent release of more than 600 million gallons of water from Lake Hodges into the ocean was avoidable with proper dam maintenance.

 For years, the communities of Rancho Santa Fe, Leucadia and Cardiff by the Sea have enjoyed the lower cost of imported water due to the existence of Hodges Reservoir, which is owned by the city of San Diego. 

San Dieguito Water District and Santa Fe Irrigation, pay the city for water rights and dam maintenance. 

However, since the city of San Diego failed to do its job for decades, we all suffer. I know there are disclosure laws which allow us to see the maintenance records, or lack thereof, so can we see them? Why is this not talked about? 

I just received a notice from the San Dieguito Water District with proposed water rate increases for the next three years. The No. 1 reason for the rate hike? You guessed it: the loss of local water from Lake Hodges Dam. 

I heard they ran the water level down to do repairs to the failing structure, dumping the water into the ocean. 

I understand oversight or lack of focus, but is there no honor or accountability in the government of water, probably one of our most precious resources besides oxygen?

Answer: NO.

John Smith


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