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Letters to the Editor

Shady business on the Solana Beach train tracks

There is no doubt about it. Being a leader takes vision, drive, action, and results. The difference between a transactional leader and transformational leader is night and day.

People would classify me as transformational. I care about people and am taking this position to serve our wonderful city. There are others that are seeking this position for self-benefit.

This is to include one incumbent Dave Zito. I’m not afraid to call out the shady business on the Solana Beach train tracks and will hold these people accountable.

Rumors have surfaced that Lesa Heebner resigned from the Solana Beach City Council to take the design jobs for the redevelopment project from her “friend” developer. Rumors have also surfaced that (Mike) Nichols will not seek re-election to do the landscaping. I and many others find it particularly odd that a less qualified person, with little experience, and no contractor’s license beat-out a very well-respected developer who was going to transform the train tracks into “The Cove.” This was a backdoor deal, many people know this, and it is not right. I’m not going to stand for it.

The current council is stagnant, patronizing, and imperious. If and when I’m elected to the Solana Beach City Council I’m going to audit this back-door deal and ensure nobody is taking advantage of Solana Beach residents. I’ll also hold our “city manager” Greg Wade accountable and cut the puppet on a string leadership.

I’m the only candidate self-funding in this election and will not be bought. Solana Beach deserves better than shady business on the train tracks. Choo-choo, the Siegel train is coming in, and no special interests will stop me.

Ed Siegel is a candidate for Solana Beach City Council.


B is for developer

Measure B isn’t about affordable housing, it’s about one developer (Accretive) wanting to build one development (Lilac Hills Ranch), that wasn’t going to be approved!  They found a loophole, hired people to collect signatures, got it on the ballot, and are banking on you being stupid enough to think that this is about fixing our “affordable housing crisis”. Voting yes, on B doesn’t mean that anyone will be getting affordable housing. “Affordable” homes aren’t profitable for developers.

This year we watched the citizens of Carlsbad defeat another developer, despite being over-spent exponentially. We can defeat this deep-pocketed, sleazy developer!  Measure B isn’t about affordable housing.  It’s about a massive cluster of homes, in the middle of nowhere, that breaks San Diego County’s zoning codes, and so much insufficient infrastructure and safety concerns, that our elected officials couldn’t approve it. Please vote No on B!

Lee Marzano-Schwarz

Valley Center


Justified payment?

At the City Council Forum on Oct. 18 (Encinitas) Council Member Tony Kranz justified the large overpayment for Pacific View by arguing the property is “priceless.”  That’s ridiculous.  When using taxpayer money our elected officials have a fiduciary duty to pay no more than it’s actual appraised value.  Tony, it may feel priceless when you are spending someone else’s money, but it is irresponsible.

Ralph Thielicke,



My wish list for local congressmen

First, Duncan Hunter, Jr. should just get out of our kitchen, where he had been serving himself and his family on the public dole — until the public found out.

Second, Scott Peters, who represents Coronado-North Island, should find a solution for the daily traffic jams that occur on or en route to the Coronado Bridge.  Tie-ups and accidents seem to happen daily, because military personnel, contractors and other federally-connected workers, all try to cram their cars onto the bridge about the same time, each day. It is a federal issue!

Finally, Darrell Issa has been sadly remiss, too. He has devoted countless wasted Congressional hours to his pet “witch hunts.” Now Prop MM, asks us to tax our properties for improvements to MiraCosta, which serves many in or from the military. As such, Issa should have secured a minimal-strings-attached Federal capital revenue stream for MiraCosta College, long ago so we won’t be gouged again.

G. Lance Johannsen, 



Shea for school board

Re-election of Rick Shea is important for the County Board of Education. Rick uniquely brings successful understanding as a teacher, a probation officer and the Special Assistant to San Diego County Superintendent Rudy Castruita.

He has been an outspoken advocate for San Diego county’s 500,000 students, to receive an education that prepares them for college or direct entry into the workforce, as well as, the restoration of lost funding to our 42 school districts for more classroom teachers and their continued training.

The County Office of Education is central to the countywide educational system, providing schools and services for students who are foster youth, impacted by homelessness, have mild to profound disabilities, pregnant and parenting, or incarcerated. Through his experience Rick Shea has proven his dedicated leadership and service to the challenge of helping All students learn and reach their potential.

Dr. Nancy Giberson, 

Solana Beach