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A vote for MM 

Ballot Measure MM provides funds for MiraCosta College to build new, up-to-date science and nursing instructional facilities as required by industry norms.  MiraCosta’s bare-bones bond measure is its first in about 50 years.

Community colleges such as MiraCosta serve two customers.  First, MiraCosta serves the local businesses by providing an educated workforce. Second, MiraCosta serves the local community by providing a means for people to gain the skills and education that match the business needs.  This results in higher living standards, economic growth and new career and business opportunities.

As a founder of a North County high-tech manufacturing company, I can attest to the important role MiraCosta plays in educating our local workforce to the level required by businesses. Furthermore, one in three of our local high school graduates will get their start in higher education or attain their trade skills at MiraCosta.

MiraCosta prepares students for careers in STEM fields, which dominate our local economy.  In order to continue to fill the needs of the students and meet the expectations of our local businesses the infrastructure at MiraCosta must be drastically improved.

Please join me in voting yes on MM.

Alec J. Babiarz

Founder, Nordson-ASYMTEK (retired)

VP MiraCosta Foundation


Misleading mailers

As election fliers flood our mailboxes, remember the maxim “Caveat emptor — Buyer beware.” A recent mailer from the Republican opponent of incumbent Rick Shea for the San Diego County Board of Education, 5th District, implied endorsement by well-regarded Democrats. Wrong. Misleading. Dishonest. The photos and quotes — taken out of context — were used without the permission or knowledge of Marty Block and the other two prominent and trusted educational  leaders. All three support Rick Shea, with his with more than 30 years in education as a teacher, counselor, school administrator, probation officer, and current vice president of the county Board of Education. Shea’s experience is broad, his support wide. Don’t fall for deliberately deceptive fliers.

Edith H. Fine,



Shea has experience

Rick Shea is the best candidate for County Board of Education.  Many people are unaware of the County Board’s role in supporting all 42 local school districts and operating schools for the county’s most vulnerable students. Each day, SDCOE runs schools and services for thousands of young people, including foster youth, students impacted by homelessness, students with mild to profound disabilities, pregnant and parenting students, and incarcerated students. Rick was a tutor, a teacher, and a probation officer before becoming the special assistant to county Superintendent Rudy Castruita. He personally knows the challenge of helping all students learn and reach their potential. As a board member, Rick has actively supported students by holding high standards for everyone involved in educating them. He has been an outspoken advocate for students. His experience makes him the best choice to be the voice for our young people on the County Board.

Jeffra Becknell, Encinitas 

Teacher, Monarch School

2016 Finalist for County Teacher of the Year


Underhanded tactics

The Lincoln Club of San Diego ought to change its name to the Nixon Club. Their latest mailer attempting to smear Carlsbad City Council candidate Cori Schumacher fraudulently misidentifies one of her campaign donors by omitting the actual name of the donor (Electrical Workers Local Union) then claiming she is being backed by “big money outside interests.” Such underhanded tactics are worthy of Tricky Dick himself. “Honest” Abe, on the other hand, would be ashamed.

Don Burton,



KAABOO noise

I am writing in regards to the Oct. 7 article, “Council Addresses to KAABOO complaints.”  We live seven miles south from where KAABOO was held (next to Torrey Hills Park).  Last year we heard loud pounding music in our home for many hours.  The organizers claimed it was the heat and wind that “pushed” the sound here, when this is nonsense.  This year the noise was even louder so we filed a complaint.  It seems to us that the organizers moved the speakers so the sound was perhaps not as loud for surrounding Del Mar neighbors, but it was louder in our Torrey Hills neighborhood.  For KAABOO to claim that there were no noise violations this year, and that the sound was 64.6 decibels is ridiculous.  Next year we plan on leaving San Diego during this obnoxious and exceedingly loud event.  Why aren’t they being fined for continual noise violations?  And shame on the Board of Directors for approving KABOO for five years!

Carla Mapes,

Torrey Hills 


A vote for Scott

An Oceanside City official is actively campaigning for Incumbent Gary Ernst for City Treasurer.  However, Mr. Ernst died after the ballots were printed.  As there is a capable candidate for the office who is alive and healthy, Nadine Scott, why the panic to prod the unwary to vote for someone who obviously can no longer fill the position?  This is a cheap tactic, demeaning to voters and to the legacy of Mr. Ernst.  The voting process ought to be held in more respect.

I’ve worked with Ms. Scott for over a decade on a local nonprofit board.  She is an attorney who is superbly organized and learns quickly.  Not to worry, Oceanside voters.  Stand on your principles when you cast your votes. Choose Nadine Scott as Oceanside Treasurer.  She can do the job.

Carol Law, 



No on B

To all my friends across the county of San Diego, My community (Valley Center) has been fighting the developer of Lilac Hills for over 10 years. His group came to our town with his project that was totally wrong for the area he wants to build it. The roads are so unsafe; it is in the back country, so removed that it would make it unsafe for evacuation during a wild fire. He has spread his dollars into pockets of public officials to the point that it has come to this a ballot Measure, (Prop. B). The San Diego County General Plan has targeted Valley Center Road area, where there is infrastructure (sewer, fire protection, schools, water systems and safe roads). So the group Yes on B is spreading false statements, making it sound like we refuse to build affordable housing. In fact this project will be anything but affordable housing. I am a retired firefighter. I know an area that is unsafe when I see it, been on 2003 and 2007 fires in Valley Center. Retired Fire Chief of Escondido Vic Reed stated in the ballot statement how unsafe this project is. I hope my fellow residents of San Diego County vote No On B.  This could happen to your town having everyone in the county vote on something in your community. Please spread the word for us.

Michael O’Connor,

Valley Center