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Letters to the Editor

Waste of a vote?

Wow! Councilman Jerry Kern is advocating that Oceanside voters waste their vote on a candidate (Gary Ernst) who has sadly passed away. Nadine Scott’s and Gary Ernst’s names will appear on the ballot for Oceanside City Treasurer due to the Elections Code, even though he is clearly unable to assume office.

That violates common sense, ethics and the democratic process doesn’t it? We are entitled to have our votes count. If Councilman Kern has his way, none of our votes will count.  He will have a license to appoint whom ever he wants to be the next t treasurer. Rumor has it he wants to bring back the ousted councilman Gary Felien. Didn’t we already get rid of this guy because he wasn’t serving the public’s interest? Talk about manipulating an election outcome.

Kern apparently believes the voters are too stupid to make the right choice. Have your vote count. Please vote for Nadine Scott to be the next Oceanside City Treasurer. She is very well-qualified and will do a great job watching over our taxpayer money! Not only is she an attorney, she’s also a very nice person!

Leslie Davies,



Vote yes on Prop A

On the Interstate 5 from Carlsbad or Oceanside, it takes over 70 minutes to get to San Diego. The I-5 and state Route 78 freeway interchange has a traffic light.  The SR-78 is the worst afternoon commutes in the county.

Under the current funding plan it’s another 15-plus years before additional freeway dollars come to North County. Prop. A accelerates dollars to fix the I-5 and SR-78 within 15 years. Prop. A specifically identifies the I-5 and SR-78 as early action projects. The cost is a half-cent sales tax increase, all of which stays in San Diego County, not Sacramento, for transportation projects.

The I-5 and SR-78 are the economic spines for moving goods, workers, students, seniors, and military personnel. To ensure North County’s economic future we must make an investment in ourselves.

I abhor tax increases but no one else is going to fix our traffic. Let’s do the right thing, fix the I-5 and SR-78, and do not leave this congested mess to the next generation.  Vote Yes on Prop. A.

Jim Desmond,

Mayor of San Marcos. Not submitted  on behalf of San Marcos City Council