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Letters to the Editor

Train horns are matter of public safety

All safety components at railroad crossings are essential — including locomotive horns. Establishing a quiet zone in Oceanside would be a mistake. With Amtrak, Metrolink, Coaster, Sprinter and freight trains, Oceanside has the highest rail traffic in San Diego County.  This is no place for a quiet zone.

In spite of this, Marriott built their hotel next to the railroad and now wants to silence the trains at great expense to the taxpayer — which in turn would compromise public safety.

The millions of dollars to construct “quiet zones” would be better spent on our public schools.

Jeopardizing public safety to appease corporate interests is wrong.  Trains have been operating safely through Oceanside for 130 years thanks in part to the use of locomotive whistles/horns. There is no substitute for safety.

Tad Calcara,



A vote for Cameron

Sheila Cameron is one of the leaders who worked to get Proposition A passed. She will lead Encinitas as mayor and work to solve problems in our communities with the same dedication she applied to passing Prop A. If you support Prop A and want leadership that gets the job done, vote for Sheila Cameron for mayor.

Doug Fiske,



Vote No of F

As a long time resident, parent, and youth advocate in Encinitas, I find it necessary to set the record straight on Measure F — the initiative on our Nov. 4 ballot deciding whether or not to allow marijuana storefronts in our beautiful city.

Here are some reasons why I’m voting against Measure F:

• Encinitas City Council unanimously opposes Measure F

• All of our neighboring cities including Del Mar and Solana Beach have banned storefronts in their cities, making Encinitas if passed, the destination city to purchase marijuana

• If passed, marijuana could be purchased 600 feet from a school or playground

• If passed, Measure F would allow up to 7 marijuana storefronts in Encinitas

• Marijuana storefronts are a crime magnet with cash and product readily available at all times

• For ill and fragile patients there are at least 10 marijuana couriers operating in Encinitas that, with just a click of the computer or a phone call, provide front door delivery.

• Measure F will negatively affect the character of Encinitas

• You will never see physicians who have prescribed a particular course of carefully chosen and monitored drugs for their cancer and HIV patients  recommend marijuana use.  To do so would compromise the appropriate pharmaceutical prescriptions and jeopardize a successful medical result.

• Make NO mistake, marijuana storefronts will increase access for teens and normalize marijuana use.

Please vote No on Measure F.

Nancy Logan,



Prop H Needs Smart           Planning — Vote No

“San Marcos Highlands-189 homes-262acres-CEQA study due out in December -Residence have concerns” — The Coast News (Oct. 10, 2014) (Four miles from CC project)

“Citracado Pkwy Expansion Closer — CEQA study completed-Planning Group has concerns” — Coast News (Oct. 10, 2014).

“Pardee to redesign Castle Rock Project in Santee-We need smarter planning.”Reader-Dorian Hargrove (April 2014).

Vote NO — means sending back for a full CEQA Review-which includes full environmental, traffic, and school impact studies, prior to developing.

Developer’s latest quote: “In maintaining all of these 110 acres, we’ve done a lot of great things,” U-T San Diego (Oct. 17).  Oh — 80 trees cut down, many more dying, as he lets the areas become more blighted.

This Los Angeles developer does not need a “free ride in Escondido. — Vote No on H. (I have asked three times for traffic impact study they refer to, and the developer has not responded.)

Dave Dufek,